pipe dream in a sentence

Example sentences for pipe dream

We may dismiss it as sci-fi fantasy or a spooky pipe dream, but wearables are here.
In this kind of reality, downsizing while maintaining quality is largely a pipe dream.
If he's wrong, he could be squandering a brilliant career in cardiology on a pipe dream.
It may be a pipe dream, but it is certainly a wonderful one.
The doubters conclude from this that solar energy is a pipe dream, hardly worth the effort.
And as we've discussed that appears to be a pipe dream.
It's a pipe dream, a bill lacks both economic sanity and a chance of receiving a presidential signature.
Addressed to the wrong name, before telling her her ambitions were a pipe dream.
Effectively fighting aging is also certainly not a pipe dream.
Even the primitive spear made the flintlock an unpractical pipe dream.
Fusion power-the kind generated by the sun-will probably remain a pipe dream for decades.
It's a pipe dream for many governmental agencies, too.
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