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Thus, they found that the clay pipe leading from my house to the city sewer line had been severed.
Surface tension holds it to the pipe's interior walls, so you have a sort of water tube with air inside.
So is a vibrating drum skin, or the light inside a laser cavity, or sound inside an organ pipe.
Using a plain, super-fine pastry tip, pipe on ribbons of your favorite homemade royal icing.
But gradually that water freezes too, expanding as it turns to ice and eventually bursting the pipe inside the wall.
The exposed pipe ties into the bathroom plumbing on the other side of the wall.
Protect them with a coat of white latex paint or a length of corrugated drain pipe split lengthwise.
The drill bit is a set of teeth around the leading edge of a hollow pipe.
Each is fitted with a roof for shade, a large motor on deck and a huge suction pipe running from the stern into the water.
Years ago, he wore a tweed jacket and smoked a pipe.
The solution was to insulate the area to the outside and wrap the pipe in question in heat tape.
While they're at it, maybe they can clean up pipe tobacco, too.
Fulfilling unreachable pipe dreams led to thousands of signatures on loans for houses that would never be paid for.
In this kind of reality, downsizing while maintaining quality is largely a pipe dream.
And the desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel.
Yet if you look at it from the other side of the fat pipe, the economics change.
The only thing you need to remember is to put a cup under the pipe.
The plan was for dense mud to sink through the oil and clog the bottom of the pipe.
Think of it as somewhere between surfing a big wave and pumping a skateboard around a half-pipe.
Copper's excellent conduction of electricity and heat means that it is used not only to cable and pipe the globe.
If all tobacco were outlawed, dealers would ignore the niche market and pipe-smokers would turn to cigars and cigarettes.
The fault-a leaking oil pipe-was quickly diagnosed and remedies put in place.
Mountain ranges block potential pipe routes to the sea.
True, the back had been customised as a cedar-shingle hut, complete with a crooked stove-pipe.
Use it to power a car, for example, and water vapour is all that spills from the exhaust pipe.
Puff is attached near the exhaust pipe of your vehicle.
Try twisting pipe cleaners into different shapes, such as stars, squares or triangles.
To increase the efficiency of this process, the top of the heat pipe can be fitted with fins that help remove the heat.
The pipe is fitted with a check valve that permits water to flow in only one direction.
Water in a pipe does not have to keep any distance at all.
Also increasing the pipe size is not the same as speeding up.
The insulated pipe is attached to the tank, near the top, in a horizontal position.
He then drove to his former school, armed with out-of-date rifles and homemade pipe bombs.
Next oil pipe they want to build, they'll again claim zero environmental impact and they'll bribe officials to approve it.
Underneath each pipe is a larger one that carried water back again for reheating.
The city also hopes to compress such methane into a liquid fuel and even pipe it to city homes for cooking.
In the middle it had a strong reinforced section with multiple u-shaped cutouts that fit over the pipe that was the fulcrum.
So to they make a law you can only buy water from their pipe line.
Natural gas can be transported by pipe because its molecule is to big to leak out of all the holes in the pipes.
Tapping into geothermal energy should pipe in another eight megawatts.
It is easier to install than metal pipe, not as heavy and cheaper.
Announcement was made yesterday of the placing of many orders for steel and pipe.
Watch video of the failed attempt to cap the leaking pipe.
She says that she now carries an iron pipe when she ventures out at night.
Adapted from old pipe music, it's intricate and heady, often fast-paced.
Most big cities have complicated water-supply systems that pipe water to many thousands of people.
Parabolic troughs are large, curved mirrors that capture sunlight and reflect it onto an oil-filled pipe in the mirror's center.
He paused, and began to knock the ashes out of his pipe.
Cover top with whipped cream, sweetened and flavored, and pipe cream between lady fingers.
Take a giant weather balloon and hook it up to the mouth of the pipe.
He had a heavy mustache and a pipe smoker's percussive cough.
If this cheese had a mouth, it'd be smoking a pipe and drinking rum.
From the leaning, shining walls immense rectangles of torn and spattered canvas projected on thin arms of bent pipe.
Pipe ganache onto flat sides of plain cookies, then top with sugared cookies to make sandwiches.
Fill pastry bag with reserved buttercream and pipe a decorative border around top and bottom of cake.
It's a pipe dream, a bill lacks both economic sanity and a chance of receiving a presidential signature.
She was rewarded with a gravy pipe of national money from those sympathetic to taxes-are-sin dogma.
Addressed to the wrong name, before telling her her ambitions were a pipe dream.
He got his own tea, and then smoked his pipe, expecting momentarily to hear them at the door.
They had positioned a large pipe so that water from the apparatus poured into the hold of the vessel.
Many of us, however, would be ready to pipe up for him even on a grey winter's dawn.
The beatings were combined with the use of cold water, which was poured over me using a hose-pipe.
On another occasion, he put his pipe in his mouth as he was ascending the subway steps.
And he also had a pipe-and-supply company, so he supplied all the pipe, which is almost half the cost of the well.
Somewhere it was still running, gurgling out of a pipe where protesters had torn the plumbing out of the walls.
Heat is collected with a mixture of glycol and water that flows through an aluminum pipe behind the solar cells.
Oil streams through that pipe along a long loop of troughs.
To ward off hydrates they are also pumping hot water down around the new riser pipe, and methanol into the pipe.
Researchers plan to use radio frequency identification tags to track every pipe, beam and hammer that enters or leaves a site.
The biggest challenge of all, however, would be developing a flexible pipe that can withstand ultrahigh pressures.
The digester was in the back yard, connected to the house by a pipe.
Doing so requires using more channels in the cable stream and bonding them into one ultra-fat pipe.
The gas is then siphoned off in a pipe for cooking or lighting.
The hydrogen will be distributed to all customers by buried pipe lines.
Now, let's talk about the other thing coming down the pipe true synthetic evolution directed by computer simulation.
Drill a port in the center of one face and weld on a pipe normal to that face.
First the crew lowered the pipe-21 inches wide and weighing a million pounds-into the water through a hole in the ship.
She drives the pipe two inches into the ground, the blows ringing out in the silence.
The smooth muscle in our intestinal walls has but one mission in life: to propel dinner farther down the digestive pipe.
The runoff is collected in a pipe or a trough on the ground.
Because you have taken a few too many hits on the ole peace pipe.
Effectively fighting aging is also certainly not a pipe dream.
Off the same stand pipe near the bottom, have a hydroelectric generator.
But more importantly, and on topic, he's seen sporting a fashionable piece of mouth ware at the time: a smoking pipe.
Its the difference between subsidizing the pipe one time, or subsidizing the water all day every day.
The skeptics then placed the pipe in one of the four holes, and covered all four holes.
Even the primitive spear made the flintlock an unpractical pipe dream.
The production line could produce two bombs a week, more were in the pipe line.
Metal pipe is inspected for quality and workmanship.

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