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It was a nifty piece of tribal tech, and I swelled with pioneer pride.
Callahan encouraged readers to put their pioneer spirit to work that Christmas.
She has been a pioneer since her youth.
The book's many episodes of pioneer life are narrated in the local dialect.
Her legacy, however, will be as a pioneer who inspired a nation.
Fifty years later, he is recognized as an energy efficiency pioneer.
However, I question the new frontier he is attempting to pioneer.
Taylor looks at the work of a pioneer in the field of performance and video art.
In the nineteen-eighties, he helped pioneer the field of virtual reality, and he is often credited with having coined the term.
He discovered the chemical composition of the human body, and was a pioneer in the development of nuclear medicine.
When pioneer mothers did their wash by a stream, another story goes, they sometimes heard a splash and a muffled yelp.
His brewery didn't make it, but he was a pioneer who proved the model of a tiny start-up microbrewery could work.
She helped pioneer the field of robotic choreography, where they try to make robots adopt more humanlike motions.
The genomic pioneer bares his genetic code to the world.
She is also a pioneer, showing us how robots are likely to be integrated into our jobs and our lives in the coming years.
If you go climbing or bouldering on your own, you may be able to pioneer a new route or two.
It is a pioneer in coping with one of the biggest challenges facing business: managing older workers.
The gaming pioneer brings sudoku and other joys to non-gamers.

Famous quotes containing the word pioneer

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