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Russo has compared them to a collection of pinned butterflies.
And a certain cowherd, as he stood leaning on his staff, pinned him down fast by the head.
It swerved and struck a hound and pinned it to the ground.
We had pinned the wretched brute into a corner of the island.
On the wall of her room, her father reported, she had pinned up twenty-one photographs of actors.
They filled, and the racing current pinned them where they were, one partly on the other.
He waited till she had pinned it on, then his arm sank about her.
The red stars pinned to the center of the khaki domes are sparkling.
He hated the idea of being pinned down or pigeonholed.
And make sure that they have a name and phone number pinned in their jacket, and that everyone goes pee before the tour starts.
What stands to be lost in this transition probably can't be pinned down.
And now there is this fifth background that they seemed to have kind of pinned down, they call it cosmic radial background.
When a drop of coffee dries, its outer edges are pinned, so the radius does not change even as the amount of liquid shrinks.
Troops on patrol come under sustained, accurate insurgent fire and get pinned behind their truck.
Auto-Tune has a sensitivity setting that lets a producer choose how firmly a singing voice is pinned to a note.
Traditionally, geneticists have pinned down such variants using large family studies.
The real test was the scene when they are in the desert, pinned down by snipers.
At the first, the fruits were speared onto toothpicks: a cherry with almonds, a strawberry pinned to an anchovy.
At one point, the team had to turn back for a while after they were pinned against the mountain by powerful winds.
Most expeditions had been pinned down by bad weather.
But neither existing theory has pinned down exactly where the materials would have come from.
One careless moment, and you jump back with pieces pinned to your hide.
Little fish following the boat attracted big tuna, who pinned them to the boat and ate them.
On the inside bottom is a rigid polyethylene foam liner to mount the pinned insects.
Once pinned, the seal becomes as placid as her pup, which is watching from a few feet away.
And with all things cruel, this will have to be pinned on someone.
The leaders have pinned their own and the country's prestige to high-speed rail.
Peer through the letterbox, and in the gloom you see a calendar pinned to the wall.
When reporters challenged him about this, he argued that it was because he had patriotism pinned to his heart.
So, if market confidence has a meaning, it must be something that is not pinned down simply by economic fundamentals.
These disparate groups have all pinned their hopes for a change of course on him.
But that is not the message of interest rates pinned at zero.
The government's hopes are pinned on two big projects, both of which have their critics.
Now almost all the markets' hopes are pinned on the authorities.
One recalls being knelt on so that her arms were pinned to the floor and punched repeatedly in the face.
But the administration has resisted being pinned down on concrete deficit reduction.
Many hedge-fund managers stay pinned to their computer screens day and night monitoring movements in the markets.
Time-jazz rhythm-is discernible, yet nothing that can be quite pinned down.
Dozing, he awakens this time pinned to the ground by ropes.
It had been too big then, but his mom had pinned it and taped it to make it work until he grew into it.
Not a sports coat but a buttoned suit with a starched white shirt and a pinned tie meant something to her.
The applicant seized the boss by the right knee and the left elbow and soon had him pinned to the floor.
Two of the boys pointed at the brook where their brother was pinned underwater by a huge concrete block.
My colleague here turns up at work with an electoral-style button pinned to her lapel that bears the same slogan.
He was wearing denim overalls and a cotton fishing hat with the sides pinned up.
There were colored cards stuck behind the lights and pinned under the coat hooks.
Police pinned down no suspects, and the case gradually went cold.
In that case, they might become duly pinned and eventually engaged, and probably by then she will be forgiven.
Our breaths seem to lie pinned against the ice in shimmering pools.
Our breaths lie pinned against the ice in shimmering pools.
The crowd, surging up for drinks, pinned her against the bar.
Many people had small bunches of shamrock pinned to their coats.
He has pinned his hopes to a screenplay that is nothing more than a thinly veiled version of his own downfall.
They wore elaborately tied and gold-pinned white stocks at their throats.
Her hair was thick and gray and curly, pinned back in a bun.
But it means that responsibility for abuses can no longer be plausibly pinned on a single figure.
Preliminary impressions suggest that the danger exists everywhere, even though it cannot be pinned down precisely, field by field.
But he finds his home intact and a note pinned to the door saying his parents have gone away.
Deinonychus leapt onto its target and pinned it down with its full body weight.
We've known as much for decades but for all this time, we've pinned the blame on the wrong species.
But researchers think they have pinned down the origin of these mysterious people.
The drawers of the world's museums are full of pinned, preserved and catalogued insects.
But motivated reasoning outside of a controlled study can never be pinned down.
Researchers wonder if yet another atmospheric change can be pinned on it.
Molecular biologists pinned down several of the molecular cues responsible for spring's vibrant burst of colour.
But if no one has yet pinned down the secret, it hasn't been for lack of trying.
It works on the principal of the carnival spinning ride where the floor drops out and folks are pinned to the wall.
Proponents of intelligent-design theory frequently decline to be pinned down on these points.
Outflanking your enemies is better than being pinned down by them.
He had some of his special abstract art pinned on the walls of his room and on the ceiling.
After the script was refined, storyboards-visual images of the scenes-were pinned up to further narrative possibilities.
Tim told me the condition got worse after a prank in high school: some other kids pinned him inside a locker and he panicked.
The hair was transformed using weave pieces and plastic spiders pinned in place with bobby pins.
Regardless, each blind site must be permanently pinned with a permanent marker identifying permit holders for the site.
The tractor flipped over backwards, and the farmer was pinned between the seat and the ground.
The oblong column may be pinned with reference to longitudinal response to reduce foundation costs.
All adult beetles should be pinned or point-mounted.
They are removed from the liquid, washed with alcohol or other solvent, then preserved in alcohol or dried and pinned.

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