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The ovaries are of a grayish-pink color, and present either a smooth or a puckered uneven surface.
The flamingo's bright pink coloration comes from its diet-animals can't synthesize the carotenoids that color these feathers.
Gram negative bacteria would be pink in color, and are capable of harm as well to a human being.
Spongy-brained, bitter over the astounding growth of organics, and a curious pink color.
They are yellow-fleshed, with yellow skin splashed with rose and pink.
The pink color can be due to the cooking method, added ingredients, or other factors.
Let us also suppose you have three evening dresses, a blue, a pink and a green.
The little pink sloth-thing became shy and left me, to crawl back to its natural life once more among the tree-branches.
His large head was pink, his brown hair thin and dry.
She washed the dishes, wearing out her pink nails on the greasy pots and the bottoms of the pans.
The heat gave a pretty pink glow to her pale yellow and attractive face.
It was the portrait of a gentleman in pencil, his face having the advantage of being painted up in pink.
When she logged onto the supplier's website, there were only huge pairs or bright pink ones available.
For they suggest that the darned pink rabbit is not only still running, but seemingly fitter than ever.
Two nicely plump, pink-cheeked maidens are arranged on the grey rocks behind the actor, manacled and in chains.
Drugged-up rebels have been known to sport pink bathrobes and shower caps.
Jay-Z's decision to ditch the greenback in place of conspicuous shots of pink euro notes seemed a watershed moment.
On every street, people marched waving olive branches and pink roses.
In the first year of their life, pink salmon eat more pteropods than anything else.
It's pink and fleshy-looking, as if it hasn't quite fully healed.
Storm clouds boil up in the pink evening sky, and fog advances over the foothills.
These defects are thought to trap electrons in such a way that they interact with the light to produce pink and red colors.
The path and ribbons of pink and bronze draw the eye up the steep backyard embankment.
Dense flower clusters start out blush pink, then age to rust as the weather cools.
Hot pink walls and a stenciled motto punch up this tiny eating area.
They let the syrup steep overnight, and whatever mix of blossom colors they use, the syrup seems to turn pink.
Showy, deep pink to red bilaterally symmetrical flowers bloom in profusion near the top of this leafy, several-stemmed plant.
Head rather bright, with distinct paler pink eyebrow contrasting with a darker cheek.
The bright, blue-white areas show newly formed stars surrounded by clouds of hydrogen, which are colored pink.
In general, a lion's nose starts out pink and darkens as it gets older.
Humboldts look different from other penguins because of the patches of pink coloring around their faces, feet, and wings.
These iguanas are unusual because they have pink skin.
Dark brown eyes, flesh-pink bill with dark tip, flesh-pink legs.
Being pink is not the only strategy males have for impressing females.
Either way, the big difference between the two kits seems to be that one comes in a blue box and the other comes in a pink box.
There is the gradual stirring in response to the warming pink glow of sunlight on the eyelids.
Seated on a stool with hands folded primly on its lap, it wore a bright pink blazer and gray slacks.
It is no more likely than consuming red skinned apples to make your own skin pink.
For iguanas, it turns out that it's not easy being pink, either.
In this image, the pink cells are human tumor cells, while the purple cells are from the mouse.
Recognizing gestures against bright and busy backgrounds might require gamers to wave hot-pink wands or slip on gloves.
However, it seemed to me that it did not truly matter much who took over the pink presidential palace.
Sometimes he'll opt for an unusual pattern or richer pink tone.
It's the pink bars representing professional services that are the runts of the bunch.
My family lived one pink slip, one bad diagnosis away from falling off the economic cliff.
The salon has bubblegum pink walls and sundry girly accoutrements-chandeliers, glitter, beauty supplies.
Farmers in the floodplain build houses and barns on stilts and watch pink dolphins sport from their doorsteps.
Five trailers painted pink, linked by a corrugated metal roof, are surrounded by a six-foot fence topped with barbed wire.
And my toenails would be little pink ocean shells, which they would have to stoop down off their high horse to kiss.
The flesh below is pink, except for a gooey patch of red near the head, the remnant of a remarkable piece of cetacean anatomy.
The sunset left a lovely pink hue over the hills across the lake.
My pale skinned friend was suitably fried pink despite his protective lotion.
Her pink pajamas glowed against the starched white sheets.
The corrected views show a planet of mud-brown hills and skies that range from yellow to pink to white to bluish.
Another movie offered a glimpse of an alternate universe, shown in pink, before the observer met his end at the singularity.
You're pretty much equating searching for life on other worlds than our own to searching for the invisible pink unicorn.
The robot's controller nestles inside a small pot containing a pink broth of nutrients and antibiotics.
If the dinosaurs did not stand a chance, how will a pink skinned biped survive such a chaotic universe.
She wears a blue apron and wields a pink-handled knife.
And it looks great, too-the green of the scallions contrasts nicely against the pink flesh of the fish.
Order juicy chicken with simmered green beans and chunky potato salad, or pink-tinged ribs slathered with rich brown sauce.
Sweet tamales are often tinted pink with red food coloring and filled with raisins or other fruit.
Fold it spoonful by spoonful into whipped cream for blush-pink dressing to bedeck a fruit salad.
To match her hair, her makeup was futuristic glam, with silver gray lids and pale pink lips.
She wore berry-pink lipstick outlined with a brick-colored lip liner, and her frosted blond hair in a simple chin-length bob.
The best-selling item is a cotton tea towel, pink with white polka dots.
Carnation, the pink is called, after the flower with no pretensions.
Pink showed where the detainee's rights were respected-where he was fed or given a break, or allowed to sleep.
Fresh from the field it sports a hot pink suit offset with cream-colored streaks.
Her hair was a tangle of white-blond cotton candy streaked with pink.
With the erect pink ears, it might also seem faintly obscene.
After his swim he'll push the button on the spout and fill up a paper cup with pink lemonade.
Scallops, supposedly with pink peppercorn, have all the kick of saltines.
It shows two disgraceful pink porkers lazily building themselves shacks out of straw.

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