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Example sentences for pining

And still others spend their days pining for the one that got away, thinking of new and creative ways to woo her.
The oil companies want it, pining for clarity so that they can safely increase production.
So, they in essence ignored the real evidence and were pining away for evidence that didn't exist.
The rider really tries to settle down to ranching, but finds himself pining for the rodeo.
As ruler, he was stuck there, pining for the jollity of the old days.
Even at low prices, they languish on the market, pining for buyers who can afford the taxes.
Driving down the fairway, hitting a bump and pining into the rough.
If you ever spent a restless self-questioning summer trapped at home, pining to be older.
If you're pining for a pie, several restaurants can serve you.
But that tale of star-crossed teenage lovers may seem to leave out all those boys pining for their bunkmate across the barracks.
Still, the lines and the operator have me pining for a chance.
No longer pining for organic molecules to make particles in the air.
The creative riding set to a great soundtrack will have even non-snowboarders pining for opening day.
We will do your re- pining for lets than yon can get it done at any oilier shop in the city.

Famous quotes containing the word pining

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