pine straw in a sentence

Example sentences for pine straw

Pine straw harvesting might remove the beneficial effect the mulch has on pine trees themselves.
Effect of pine straw harvesting on survival and growth of loblolly pine.
There also is no change in the bidding process for timber, pine straw and other contractual sales.
The eagles have been working on the nest, adding sticks and pine straw.
Hay, pine straw, and paper are highly combustible and not recommended for use in decorations.
Handmade baskets using native materials such as pine straw were popular.
The pine straw was gathered from a nearby pine grove that was not manicured.
The pine straw was weighed and debris separated from pickings.
He sold pine straw to landscapers and grew and sold farm produce.

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Farm boys wild to couple With anything with soft-wooded trees With mounds of earthmounds Of pine straw will... more
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