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The long workbench and shelving in this garage are made from sections of a yellow pine bowling-alley lane.
We are a long way from the high desert home of the piƱon pine.
Understanding, and then altering, the genes of a big pine tree is more complex than creating a better tomato.
Pine cones stay warmer than the needles around them.
Some of us pine for that car that folds up into a suitcase.
Members of this genus are alternate hosts to white pine blister more add to my plant list enlarge.
Go for a walk around the block and step on every pine cone or crunchy leaf.
Here the terrain inclines from saguaro forests into nearly pristine woodlands of oak and pine.
Pine trees in expanding populations have shorter generation times and smaller, more dispersive seeds.
They were also crawling over a pile of pine branches that came down as a result of a storm.
The pine trees framing the entrance to the forest appear to be normal.
It is as thought kumquats hung from the lodge pole pine trees.
They planted vast tracts of land with pine and eucalyptus.
Strolling through an equatorial rain forest or a northern pine forest can be thrilling enough, if only for the lavish scenery.
There are lots of tall pine trees and humongous, light beige boulders lie scattered about everywhere.
They call themselves progressives, yet they pine for the good old days of disaster collectivism.
Now suddenly the movement increases, whole rows of pine trees fall in disorder down and into the depths.
We have a couple of hostas that have survived under a pine tree in our yard, though.
Substances such as oils, beeswax, and pine tree resins-which repel water and microbes-were then applied.
He built ten pine houses and put them up in, you guessed it, the park's trees.
Or the ephemeral artistry of pine marten tracks imprinted in newly fallen snow.
Artifacts exhibited include: powder horns, colonial pine tree flag.
The cakes were made with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and raisins in a barley mash.
It often infects a household after the holidays have come and gone, leaving a wake of wrapping paper, pine needles and chores.
It was glaringly hot, not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind, and the only shadow was that of the few scattered pine trees.
As it floated from the moaning pine to charm the singing sea.
So sweet was his tooth that he would tiptoe up to pine trees and lick their resin, hoping it would taste as treacly as it looked.
She was made in rough fashion, of pitch-pine planks nailed to hand-sawn oak frames.
Encouraging looting plays into his hands since it will make people pine for the old law and order.
The chestnut also compared favorably when cross-referenced to studies of quaking aspen, red pine and white pine.
The plant-eating moose must scrounge during the harsh winters to avoid starvation, living on pine needles and twigs.
The weathered chunks exude a sweet, earthy aroma likened to tobacco, pine or mulch.
Maybe the best native species will be loblolly pine, oak and tulip-poplar.
Rooms are decorated with warm and neutral colors, lush carpet and pine furniture.
We've removed all possible straw from the coop, you'll be happy to know, and are thinking about putting down pine shavings.
Sumi ink stick is made from pine soot, vegetable oil, and fish glue.
The pine hedges that lined the square had been set ablaze while loudspeakers screeched their mordant warnings.
The sprig of marinated pine, on the other hand, was delicious.
In the near distance blackjack oak, poplar, and pine fill the hillside woods.
Barely a structure remains, and the land has become a pine grove.
The salads are substantial, not too heavily dressed, and involve figs and beets and toasted pine nuts.
It wasn't the kind you use on bulletin boards but something coarse and dark, the color of damp pine mulch.
The pine tables and floors gleam in the morning sun.
The bulldozer pushing over the pine tree stands for progress.
Levine learned that the treasure was buried near three pine trees.
Bao vanished into the undergrowth, reappearing halfway up a pine tree that was swathed in a large-leafed vine.
Yellow pine rates around seven hundred, oak twice as high.
Lots of people make ramp pesto, mostly as versions of the typical recipe, with basil and pine nuts.
The mourners' unusual choice of stone-pine cones as incense added further credence to the team's theory.
His plan was to plant wheat in the triangle, then border each side with a square filled with pine trees.
The cool fresh air and the smell of pine trees make it a wonderful experience.
Pollen grains tell us that the region was fringed with lush forests of pine and spruce.
For example, with fire you can purify pine pitch to make it more durable as a glue.
Gazing downward, he can see a public garden with pine trees, flower bushes and manicured lawns.
In this forgotten southern corner of the state, even the pine trees look sad.
The pine forests loom deep bluegreen on the horizon.

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