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Example sentences for pinball

It also provided the opportunity to stop at a local restaurant and play the pinball machine and never get to the library.
Description of pinball machine games at a luncheonette.
Wherever you look, pinball is out, video games are in.
Cosmic rays are actually particles, accelerated by supernovae remnants, then knocked around in a game of stellar pinball.
For many years, it was pachinko, or playing the pinball machines.
Ask him what his favorite game is, and he's liable to say a tie between pinball and baseball.
Owners of rare and vintage arcade and pinball games converge on a hotel ballroom and pack it full of every awesome thing ever.
There are a few pinball machines near the entrance, too.
In pinball, he reasoned, the prize for winning is getting to play again.
Northwest suburban pinball enthusiasts aim for world.

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