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It also referred incorrectly to sport pilot licenses.
Our laptop requirement came only after several years of pilot projects that explored laptops' role in pedagogy.
It was equipped with digital systems that unerringly corrected for pilot error as well as any buffeting caused by bad weather.
Pilot whales are extremely social animals, living in pods that sometimes contain hundreds of individuals.
Apparently nobody thought that a pilot who wants to hijack a plane doesn't need a scissors.
As it stands, for one pilot to learn about turbulence pretty much means another pilot elsewhere has already encountered it.
Drill pilot holes and screw the spreaders to the legs.
It's easy to switch into automatic pilot mode when it comes to planning a course.
Now research has put up a surprising candidate to join this high-speed predatory club: the short-finned pilot whale.
Kids can print illustrations of pilot whales and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Bleary-eyed, the pilot stares at the instruments while sipping stale coffee.
The pilot regained control and returned to the airport.
As for the show's action and humor, screen the first part of the pilot below and see for yourself.
There have been a few bumps in the road during the pilot phase.
The expansion of a pilot payment system by mobile phone this week has quickened its stride.
All it requires is some milk, a covered container, a microwave or stove and an oven with a pilot light or oven light.
The pilot boats which were blown off shore, and many of which it was feared had gone down, began to be heard from yesterday.
Then the designers invited a small group of players to take part in a small pilot project.
He then switched the steering mechanism to automatic pilot.
First, create a pilot program at the federal or state level that allows prisoners to take online courses.
The pilot has a joystick and rudder pedals, and a full set of instruments.
The pilot studies so far have yet to transcend the level of anecdotal evidence, but these single cases are compelling.
Also, remember, this is a pilot of one manufacturer's system.
Pilot study harnesses sequencing power to track tumours.
It seems to me that you would want to refer to the first survey as your pilot study or start-up study.
It's not every day a simple click of the mouse can make you a test pilot.
By moving his torso, the pilot could warp these wings with an elaborate system of wires.
And in the fall a pilot will air, an academic unit with a new name and faces both familiar and unfamiliar.
The question is whether the pilot project can be scaled up fast enough to meet the challenge.
On our flight out, the pilot circled back to show us the spectacular view from above.
What some pilot plants have shown so far, however, is that a lot of the electricity produced is needed to power the arc.
In four pilot stores, the number of customers and sales went up by a tenth following the revamp.
With the cruiser steaming along, the pilot put us smoothly down on the aft deck.
Every living pilot knows that wet air is less dense than dry air.
The government should fund a pilot project to implement his ideas.
Every pilot knows that wet air is significantly less dense than dry air.
Admittedly, a sport pilot licence will get an owner airborne.
Some reforms may move forward, but probably as pilot schemes.
Officials are launching a pilot plan to set up market gardens close to cities.
Confronted with four engines rather than two, the pilot forgot to release a vital locking mechanism.
Its pilot plants were profitable within six months, so its model is sustainable.
That's because if a pilot wants to crash a plane, the pilot can crash a plane.
Temporary blindness and disorientation are not qualities you look for in a pilot, especially during takeoff and landing.
Ordinarily, medevac flights take off with an older, experienced pilot in command and a younger aviator as co-pilot.
Often, entry-level pilot jobs unfortunately remain low paying.
The pilot invited us to come up to the cabin to better take in the view.
In my view, it is unacceptable to submit to one in public while wearing the uniform of a professional airline pilot.
The company hopes to use its anticipated financing to move into the pilot process next year.
Local researchers are developing a prototype and a pilot line, and the solutions will be licensed to industry partners.
The pilot would then fire the engines again and send the plane back into space.
Finally, they moved on to a pilot study with real patients.
The bike-for-energy program is a pilot project due to run for a year.
The human species does fulfill that definition, but only one wild animal species is known to do so: the short-finned pilot whale.
But it's not a movie, and the pilot flying the helicopter is not an actor.
Pilots who have specialized pilot's licenses also will have a better chance.
The small-dollar loan pilot resulted in a template of essential elements for safe, affordable, and feasible small-dollar loans.
Most of the world opposes hunting dolphins and pilot whales.
New pilot programs boost doctor-patient e-mailing.

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