pillage in a sentence

Example sentences for pillage

Looking for those they could pillage.
But few agree on how to stop this pillage of their networks.
Ludlow was the first man to die in the six days of violence, pillage and arson.
Someone else hung up a piece of cloth on his barge and sailed away to trade and pillage in distant lands.
If you never teach the course, you can possibly pillage the syllabus later for something else.
He that showeth his wealth to a thief is the cause of his own pillage.
Neither group has shown much discipline: fugitives from the areas they control tell of rape and pillage.
Perhaps such pillage is part of the natural momentum of a city being torn apart.
Self-professed scholars eagerly joined in the pillage.

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War is pillage versus resistance and if illusions of magnitude could be transmuted into ideals of magnanimi... more
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