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If it's prescription pill bottles, it's nursing homes.
Video art on the other hand can be an intellectually harder pill to swallow.
Science has not fully parsed its workings, much less found a pill to ward it off.
Consider taking a pill to help with your bizarre expectations.
The poem was intended for the king's perusal, and thus the pill had to be gilded in order that it might be accepted.
The ingredients were combined using a traditional mortar and pestle, and then shaped into the early pill's typical size.
However, a few washes will cause it to pill a little bit which may be of concern since there is less material to begin with.
They do pill at the end of sleeves with extensive use as other have commented below.
The fleece is soft, doesn't pill and the zippers work well.
The pill-shaped mealybugs suck sap from the crops-a main ingredient of tapioca-causing them to shrivel and die.
The discovery is likely to fuel a race for the development of a pill that could extend life spans.
And pill users who dispose of unused pills down the sink could be adding to the problem.
Each worm's body is lined with pill-shaped structures, primed to spawn a new generation.
The pill, called ella, will be available by prescription only.
Early data showed no evidence that the pill was working.
The pill expands in the stomach after being swallowed.
Most of our experts agree that a truly safe and effective yet nonaddictive sleeping pill is still a few years away.
And he'd be a pill-endless issues, dozens of superpowered enemies.
People will find any evidence to justify ingesting a pill instead of green vegetables.
But now, for the second time in a little over a decade, a little blue pill comes to the rescue of humanity.
From the point of view of a drug, it's a long trip from the pill bottle to an ache or the site of an infection.
Based on the history of an older pill, it might not.
For absorption to occur, a pill must dissolve and disintegrate.
Off to take another f---ing pill and lie down in the dark under a warm blanket.
The pill solved the problem of unwanted pregnancy, but as usual, the law of unintended consequences prevailed.
The pill they took launched a daylong psychedelic journey, sometimes fantastic, sometimes frightening.
Thank you pill-popper and no ssri's for your perspective on what works for you both.
Back from the doctor, they gave me a cream since it seemed to late to take a pill to suppress it.
In some ways their success was an even more bitter pill to swallow.
We have to take a chill pill ourselves while telling parents to do the same thing.
Or so the locals tell me, in-between pill-popping and therapy sessions.
It consisted of putting sleeping pill powder into raisins, and then scattering the raisins near the birds.
If he loses he swallows that bitter pill and comes back.
She has been having headaches, but not of the normal, take-a-pill-and-relax type.
And, some scientists predict, you'll eventually be able to pop a pill to freshen up the inside of your head as well.
But he did let his hair grow, and presumably enjoyed the benefits of the post-pill era.
But we're not above saying that taking a pill can sometimes be a great idea.
The pill makes him much smarter, more creative, and more driven.
Gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand.
But that evidence doesn't mean there is going to be a longevity pill in our hands this year, this decade, or even this century.
Even for many researchers in the field, this was a bitter pill to swallow.
So the new discovery doesn't put an anti-ageing pill within our grasp.
The pharmaceutical industry has long believed that a pill to increase longevity would be the ultimate blockbuster drug.
The pill's environment grows progressively more alkaline until it reaches the colon, which is more acidic again.
People should not have to pay a hundred dollars for a pill that cost a few pennies to manufacture.
For many at the agency, this is a bitter pill to swallow.
It's also unlikely that taking the pill will have an effect on fetal development.

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