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She was piling on entomologists with a knack for quickly identifying obscure insects.
The problem, however, is when the interviews start piling up.
It was a collection that overflowed in every impossible direction, piling up even in the bathroom and the kitchen.
Day after day the snow came down, thawing and then freezing and piling itself higher and higher.
The ocean depths became so corrosive that in many places shells stopped piling up on the seafloor and simply dissolved.
In effect, we're piling extra blankets on our planet.
They were all so cute piling on top of each other to get to the food.
Now suddenly soldiers are piling sandbags everywhere.
To get more compost and get it faster, build your compost pile by piling up its ingredients in layers.
Snow particles piling up inside a giant abandoned cooling tower from a defunct powerplant.
The effect was that of a giant road grader, first leveling the town, then piling it back on its own foundations.
Third, need to keep the water from piling up at the destination end of the channel.
It could serve as a much more effective flood control measure than piling sandbags along the levee.
Unquestionable evidence that the war is over seems to be piling up.
Soldiers were piling up sandbags, checking cars, sealing off the inner city.
It would be equivalent to having an ocean wave cause a needle to vibrate if it was stuck in a wharf piling.
Ultimately, though, simply piling on new features impairs the product rather than enhancing it.
Greenhouse gases emitted by burning fossil fuels are piling up in the atmosphere, warming its lowest layer.
As a result, you get this huge piling up effect of the water.
With evidence piling up, much of it published in the play's signatures, this suspect whispers from beyond.
The migration risks piling on costs for ranchers too.
We'd not have the wastes now piling up and could have destroyed any years ago.
He's a talented debater, but that may not be enough to overcome the obstacles that have been piling up.
When they see signs that customers' orders are piling up, they'll find the money to grow on, whatever the rate.
But too often business has a way of piling up on his desk.
Howling winds around a hurricane's eye create storm surge by piling water up.
Piling into a photo booth for a snapshot session is a staple of schoolgirl life.
Our trade deficit has left hundreds of thousands of empty shipping containers piling up in storage yards all over the country.
Then he began to scoop out a series of holes, carefully piling the dirt on the sheet so as to leave behind no sign of the dig.
The cautious pursued erudition, piling up the ammunition for the conceptualists.
Cocoa stocks are piling up in ports, increasing the chance of the beans decaying.
Other social networks have also been piling on members.
When hedge funds are piling into the markets, they will move steadily forward, with relatively low volatility.
Piling a big federal consumption tax on top of local levies will depress consumption and limit state and local revenues.
As fuel prices soared, unwanted people-carriers, pick-up trucks and sport-utility vehicles were piling up on dealers' forecourts.
So far this year, the industry has avoided its old habit of piling on new capacity, only to see prices tumble.
Now, the health reforms are piling on the pressure to merge.
But unless there is a rapid recovery, the debt will keep piling on, making the ultimate problem harder to solve.
Utilities are piling into green-generation technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels.
But the paperwork is piling up in the district offices faster than jobs are being provided in the villages.
The time to worry about debt is when you're piling it higher and higher, not after the fact when it's too late to do anything.
And, everywhere else in the world, people are still piling on the pounds.
Firms are also unlikely to keep piling up cash as much as they are now.
Yet some traditional generics firms are piling in too.
Sure enough, successes have been piling up, one by one.
Meanwhile, doubts about the standard theory of memory were piling up in the world outside the neuroscience lab.
But simply piling on the pixels will not be enough to match the rich visual experience of human eyes.
Space agencies say that space debris is a growing problem as old satellites and discarded rocket boosters are piling up in orbit.
Over time, these sediment layers hardened into sandstone and mudstone and even harder ironstone, piling on the protection.
He loves piling on meaningless details, especially about what his characters are eating and the clothes they are wearing.
Piling the dollar bills to the moon is only interesting.
We seem to be piling up questions faster than answers.
The article goes on and on, piling up one distortion of science on top of another.
For direct pull, a cable is set around the piling to grip and lift the pile from the sediment.
The gold watches have been piling up, but the old cowboy refuses to be complacent.
There he sits, reams of data piling up around him, all presenting a confounding picture.
The buying binge is also being fueled by rising stock prices--and the loads of cash piling up on corporate balance sheets.
There's been a lot of piling on against celebrities who speak out against the war.
Minimize distractions, and focus on the jobs that have been piling up.

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