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Example sentences for pilgrimage

One of the main reasons people traveled in that period, he explained, was to take religious pilgrimages.
Books on sacred sites and pilgrimage have bounced back after a couple of slim seasons.
It has something to do with pilgrimage, the hushed aura of sacredness.
The pilgrimage is the opportunity for personal growth and inner change.
I've been told he's a sun god opening the doors of heaven, or a marker for monks on a pilgrimage trail.
To me, this visit feels less like a reporting job than a pilgrimage.
She did not accompany him on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem .
It is the story of a 40-day pilgrimage into the desert, a pilgrimage for the sake of inner cleansing and self-renewal.
Even getting there is a pilgrimage of sorts.
Last month's pilgrimage celebrated the anniversary of this final vision.
For example, he recently discovered a new pilgrimage route across the island, which connects with two existing ones.
In the developing world, meanwhile, you find them at religious festivals and pilgrimage sites.
Somehow she made the paper's pursuit of excellence into a festive pilgrimage.
The pilgrimage has changed over time, even as it has grown in size.
Watch a recreation of how the builders might have made this perilous pilgrimage.
Her pilgrimage out there did not come out of nowhere.
Over time, restaurants and souvenir shops set up business, and the old monastery became something of a pilgrimage site.
They were the first group known to make such a pilgrimage to this site more.

Famous quotes containing the word pilgrimage

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