pilfer in a sentence

Example sentences for pilfer

Will it create a data set that the less than honest can pilfer.
Looters drop by to pilfer whatever scraps of metal still wink of profit.
But rebels did not hinder them at checkpoints or pilfer their belongings.
Every war has its scavengers, the officers who barter or pilfer supplies that get bogged down in the system.
It was bad enough when sitcoms used to pilfer the stories of romantic comedies.
The fun begins when two youths head for a neighboring town to pilfer exam papers.
Hungry people scaled utility poles to pilfer bits of copper wire to swap for food.
Sharks up the food chain take their cut, leaving local pirates to pilfer crews' watches and mobiles.
In the event of a disaster, there may be individuals looking to pilfer property, increasing losses and damage on-site.
It was difficult to tell if the gulls were hoping for leftovers or looking to pilfer a fish.
If this is the normal configuration then two agents must act together to pilfer luggage.

Famous quotes containing the word pilfer

As if he were a pot of dates in a blind man's hand, Mothers, they pilfer my husband and they're jealous of ... more
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