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Example sentences for pile

Let us heap up mountains of human heads, and pile up heaps of human entrails.
They knelt to gather up the grain back into their baskets, and then let it fall once more before they set it aside in a pile.
Guests pile their plates with a heap of rice and add toppings as they please into a loaded stack.
If the compost pile is already in existence, then the leaves can simply be added to it.
Either way, a pile of papers almost always means a lost weekend.
Once the caisson was in position, the pile would be pumped out and driven into the ooze.
Moderate heat is one of the signs of a healthy compost pile.
Gardeners and other environmentally conscious people will add the leaves to a compost pile to become a natural fertilizer.
As you clean out the summer garden, pile everything but diseased material onto the compost pile.
If it feels too wet, turn the pile and cover it, to protect from rain.
Deadlines, committee meetings, and events pile up at the end of the spring semester.
Small bars are abuzz and people pile into huts hooked up to generators to watch football matches.
Many gardeners simply pile the refuse from their garden in one spot on their property.
Evidence for an accelerating universe continues to pile up.
The weekly science journals pile up, as do the news releases delivered by mail, electronic or snail.
Flea markets and antiques shops can be the slush pile for forgotten treasures.
As the dead erythrocytes pile up, your kidneys start to fail.
If that same smell interrupts our next summer idyll, the compost pile is history.
No matter how much you pile it on, it won't be overkill.
Across a valley to the north-east is a rising pile of concrete blocks.
Start a compost pile rather than using an in-sink garbage disposal unit.
They would sometimes move the bones to a new location and/or pile a bunch together.
Wrap each item around the core, starting from the top of your pile.
The humble compost pile is coming into its own again.
If your budget is tight and you are not concerned with how long it takes for your compost to decompose, you can start a pile in.
It might seem strange to compare a bowl of cornflakes to a pile of dirt.
Turn the pile with a garden fork every week or two, and keep it moist.
Kodak modified its check-scanning machines to scan old photo prints by the pile.
They will still pile into hedge funds, but more to diversify their portfolios than to get automatic high returns.
Frequent checking of the pile's core temperature may be needed to determine how well the pile is functioning.
But lest you think that's an invitation to pile on the pounds-it's not.
For potato beetles, pesticides are pulling resistance to the top of the pile.
They were never going to melt away, or walk away from a new pile of money on the table.
Begin by selecting a location for your compost pile.
We sadly eyed the pile of dead bugs and one lone survivor.
As their cash pile dwindles and liabilities fall due, they will be forced to sell, whatever the market conditions.
If the rod feels hot when you remove it, the compost pile has likely reached speed-composting temperatures.
They were also crawling over a pile of pine branches that came down as a result of a storm.
Add a little rice to fill out the meal, or pile the pork and slaw on tortillas for a scrumptious south-of-the-border dinner.
Bury fresh scraps under a layer of existing materials, and water as needed to keep the pile moist.
Your compost pile should be off-limits for the same reason.
Your pile should have the texture of a wrung-out sponge.
The prickly cactus turned into a pile of donuts sprouting deer antlers.
To prevent rot, don't pile it against stems and trunks.
She shrugged, and pointed to a pile of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
The two main ways of getting oxygen into the compost pile are through the structure of the pile and by turning the compost.
Pile brush in an out-of-the-way corner of the garden to provide winter cover for birds, reptiles, and small mammals.
Every few weeks, turn the pile with a rake or pitchfork to circulate the air and moisture.
We also did have a successful compost pile where the chicken manure was placed.
Composting requires a contained area, either a section of yard for a compost pile or a compost bin.
Organic matter in a compost pile or bin is decomposed by millions of microorganisms.
Turning the pile allows oxygen to circulate throughout the pile and speeds the composting process.
If space allows, a pile is the simplest of composting methods.
One option is to simply establish a compost pile on the ground and enclose it with wood or chicken wire.
Livestock manures can benefit a compost pile by adding nutrients and organic matter.
If you enjoy a cup of tea brewed with loose leaves, these are a terrific source of organic material for your compost pile.
If you don't have time for turning, you can use an aerator to punch holes and deliver air to the center of the pile.
Break up larger chunks of compost and add to the sifted pile.
The dust collector gathers, yes, dust particles and adds them to the ash pile for disposal.
It may feel awkward, but you've got to do it to avoid ending up in the reject pile.
His first instinct was to simply dive into the end-zone pile and pick and claw for the football.
Then he opens a folder in a big pile of crime statistics.
One rapidly growing pile is for a telemarketing job paying less than a third of the city's average wage.
To make another example, say someone foolishly ignites a huge pile of fireworks.
Every week serves up a new tragedy or outrage to be added to the pile of evidence.
Somewhere in this pile are the ones you should be practicing right now.
People are encouraged, for instance, to recycle the plastic water-bags that pile up in the streets.
If starting an outdoor compost pile isn't an option for you, experiment with various indoor compost projects.
Create a compost pile as a source of fertilizer to use in the garden.
Do this as they come out, so they don't pile up and stick to themselves.
He is now working through the bank's pile of bad debts.
Pile onto the toast and grill for a couple of minutes.
Pile a sharp tightening in credit conditions on top and recession seems all too plausible.
But the voltaic pile was expensive and could be messy.
If claims pile up, insurers may phase out policies that include cover for insider-trading suits.
The wreck consists largely of a pile of cannons and anchors.
Place separated cards in a pile face down during play.
They want to pile on the pounds to build reserves to survive the winter.
But as the developers pile in, not everyone is cheering.
Whoever reaches the end point with the ball first gets the winnings, usually goods put in a pile before the race begins.
When they felt a suggestive breeze wafting from a pile of loose rubble, they knew there was a chamber beyond.
It was nothing more than a pile of rocks with one wall standing after a fashion.
To pile up honey upon sugar, and sugar upon honey, to an interminable tedious sweetness.
Pile in centre of salad dish and arrange around base thin slices of radishes overlapping one another.
So she was laid on the funeral pile with her husband, and fire was put to it.
Up from the log he sprang and began to pile sticks on the fire.
Down the railroad they went and sat on a pile of decaying railroad ties beside the tracks.
Carefully take off spun sugar as soon as formed, and shape in nests, or pile lightly on a cold dish.
He kept him a prisoner, however, and added his armor to the pile.
Call that the bad pile, although you don't at first know which group is bad.
Space fans can today play a cosmic slot machine to help astronomers understand the biggest pile-ups in the universe.
Reducing a highrise to a rubble pile is a highly challenging, skill-demanding task.
Since nothing but leaves and water are added, they're nontoxic and can be safely added to the compost pile.
One would get in trouble, try to turn back in the swift current, and cause others to pile up at the crossing.
These things are the opposite, and so they were relegated to the bottom of the pile.
The looters found a corpse that was, in the main, a pile of dust and a hunk of hair.
So, when a book with a large print run flops, publishers end up with an expensive pile of recycling.
But in the short run, credit was an easy way to prop up the living standards of those at the bottom of the economic pile.
The dilemma of whether to pile in or stay put is perplexing hedge funds.
But if a currency war is brewing, more countries will pile up the sandbags.
Amazed when they happened upon such a pile, the researchers measured it.
Whether you choose to use a bin or a pile, it is best to find a space that is easily accessible.
The pile should be about as damp as a wrung-out towel.
Monitoring includes turning the compost pile to maintain aeration and keeping the pile moist enough to function.
Know what materials to avoid adding to your compost pile to prevent odors or plant injury.
Foods such as meat, bones, fish and dairy products create odors and should not be added to the compost pile.
Without ventilation the temperature of the potato pile would go up a full ten degrees in a week.
These predictions stem from a new theoretical model that provides the best look yet at how and when the cosmic pile-up will occur.
Fluff up the bedding about every two weeks to keep the pile aerated.
He did some simple arithmetic, such as counting the yellow toy blocks among a pile of mixed hues.
There it sits in the corner: a pile of books, notes, and meticulously labeled folders.
Let the snow pile up on the sidewalk while you wend your way through thick drifts of needless words.
Rankings amount to a big stinking pile of fecal matter.
Admittedly, there is a pile of evidence to support the idea that universities have gone corporate.
For me, those nagging feelings are currently compounded by the grading pile, but grades are not due for a while.
Half-a-dozen players pile off and return with an armful of videos.
The time-honored way for dealing with this kind of thing is burning them in a big pile on the library lawn.
Push onion mixture to edge of skillet and put fish in center, then pile onion mixture on top of fish.
Night after night, swarms of customers pile into the moderately sized establishments.
What might be even better is fries with a big pile of mussels steamed in white wine with shallots.
Raised another pile of dough and now are making more promises.
Tech startup founders who have it all-a great idea, a pile of cash, and enthusiasm to burn-are still missing one thing.
If closed formats dominate, there's another whole pile of dependencies.
The local used book stores had a huge pile of these selling for the original cover price.
More than a million applications are currently pending, and over a thousand more are added to the pile each day.
Job sharing goads employers to hire by offering them a pile of cash if they shorten the work week.
Arrange the vegetables in concentric circles over the noodles and then pile the chicken in the center.
She bundles up in a green pile coat and barges down the road.
In the huge pile of his sketches there seems to be a scrap to serve every purpose.
Entering visitors had to clamber over the pile of shoes in the hallway, between the elevator and the door.
He picked up a book that had done fairly well and then he tossed it on a pile.
But he recalled tossing the bundled bags onto a pile of soggy cardboard-the stuff of a silent climb.
Schwartz's method has been to pile flagrant distortions on unfounded suppositions on immaterial details.
So it's not surprising that many companies prefer to pile on the leverage.
In the breakfast room, a small pile on a chair waited to be sorted.
Yes, perhaps novellas keep seeming slight even when they pile up to an imposing height.
And last, at the top of the pile, were the people who wanted to watch.
His head was crushed and his legs were strangely folded behind him, and a small pile of rubbish was gathering around him.
The gesture has offended many by seeming to pile an insult of fantasized fire onto the injury of only too real water.
Economic downturns typically decrease worker satisfaction as employers cut staff and pile on the work.
Before he became famous, it prompted people at airports to pile him with baggage and ask what time the flight was leaving.
There was a squirming pile of players, a moment of silence while the referee examined the position of the ball.
Pile points can be accepted by certification and should be checked to see that they meet the specification requirements.
He made an urgent call to my uncle, saying he needed a pile of money.
She sifts through the pile and selects about a dozen to read.
The clue, he said, was unmistakable: a pile of burned matches near the door.
The mammoth had been butchered, its skeleton disarticulated and stacked in a pile.
Decomposition of vegetation would slow dramatically, and detritus would pile up to abnormal heights.
Or even worse, having the pod arrive with a big pile of stinking brown stuff left on the seat.
Imagine trying to photocopy a pile of papers, only for one of the copied sheets to magically jump back into the queue.
Pile on stress from the cold and a new, contagious infection, and the picture looks bleaker.
Their sense of smell has gone down the tubes and so they tend to pile on stuff until they can smell it.
The tale of one anthropomorphized pile of precipitation and his eventual jolly suicide.
It didn't take long for me to make a pile of images of pedestrians battling the breeze.

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