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Example sentences for pigeon

The attic was covered in pigeon feces and mites and pigeons were getting stuck and dying inside the walls of the house.
The nearest equivalent to tweeting, back then, was to send a message by carrier pigeon.
Above are three frames of a pigeon flying in a wind tunnel.
At the end of the book is an overview map of the city, showing where the pigeon flew.
There is more to your everyday park pigeon than meets the eye.
Much of her research had focused on nitric oxide, which acts as a sort of carrier pigeon between cells, communicating information.
If the latter, it runs the risk of becoming a clay pigeon.
Some times they may have a pigeon or a vulture on their heads.
On the surface, a pigeon and an alligator could hardly seem more different.
The chicken on the table, the pigeon on the street, the parrot in the zoo: all of them are living descendants of dinosaurs.
By day, it's great for people-watching and pigeon-chasing.
One was how admissions officers could best distinguish their college from others-without pigeon-holing it.
It also discourages them from pursuing a career in which they might continue to receive such negative pigeon-holing.
If you can find an appealing pigeon to stuff, here's how.
Another stool pigeon leans over a wrought-iron balcony.
They knew names and faces and habits, and they could make use of that ancient tool, the stool pigeon.
Doves are fast, and their aerobatics are bested only by their larger cousin, the pigeon.
Let there be food in the pigeon house and the pigeons will come to it.
And one who had the keenest sight amongst them was to stand at the prow of the ship holding a pigeon in his hands.
Citizen scientists participate by counting pigeons and recording courtship behaviors observed in their neighborhood pigeon flocks.
He feeds a long- and a short-beaked pigeon on the same food.
At fifteen, he nursed a pigeon back to health after setting its broken wing.
However, the feather size indicates the bird was larger than a pigeon.
Or, to be precise, one scholar-squirrel and one plump publicist pigeon for the pot.
They cleaned out the pigeon droppings because they had no clue where the noise was coming from, so they had to check.
Stereotyping is a way to sort people into pigeon holes.
The building whose fire escape it landed on has a pigeon coop on the roof, so maybe he/she was getting ready for lunch.
Ian, good job on stuffing everyone into a pigeon hole without actually reading what any of them had to say.
Nest destruction must be followed by pigeon-proofing the structure to achieve maximum population control.
We found an apparently injured pigeon on our doorstop and have been caring for it.
The lottery scam is as seasonal as baseball and as prolific as the pigeon drop.
In a world of birds that includes the flamingo, the toucan and the bald eagle, it can't be much fun to be a pigeon.

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