pig iron in a sentence

Example sentences for pig iron

There are plans to build a pig iron plant on, or near, this property.
Coke and iron, the raw materials, were combined in a blast furnace to make liquid pig iron.
The blast furnace product is usually referred to as pig iron.
They are improving the quality of the steel they make by melting pig iron along with the scrap.
The remainder is poured into molds to produce pig iron.
Pig iron production also is concentrated in a few countries.
Pig iron is then produced by heating the coke, iron ore, and limestone in a blast furnace.
These comparisons are exclusive of silvery pig iron, statistics for which were not published to avoid disclosing proprietary data.
Pig iron was produced in a blast furnace fueled by charcoal which was manufactured on site.
The facility will use a rotary hearth furnace for the production of impure zinc concentrate and pig iron.
Despite occasional successes, the mission failed to produce a consistent and sustained supply of pig iron.
Back then, it was grain for pig iron, heavy stuff that was expensive to lug around.
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