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And if they somehow perish, the financial impact on a poor family is far less devastating than the loss of a cow or pig.
Lipstick on a pig, with animal cruelty thrown in for good measure.
Instead, to their complete surprise, they dug up the ample remains of pig bones.
Whatever it's history, it's now a secular holiday where families and friends gather together and pig out.
The war allegedly started because a foraging pig ruined a garden.
Scientists have discovered how to convert abundant, cheap, and smelly pig manure into crude oil.
Other health threats, such as antibiotic-resistant strains of staphylococcus aureus, have emerged from pig farms as well.
For apparently the first time, scientists have created a fourth-generation pig clone.
Outside, the pink pig floats in the gray air, defying the burden of its symbolism.
And then there is head cheese which is similar to souse but involves, well, the pig head.
Using transplanted pig stem cells to create replacement organs for mice seems to work.
The pig who built his house of straw, which the wolf blows down, escapes to the house of the pig who used sticks.
Now a boom in cattle and pig operations has stretched that supply to the limits.
Sarcasm from the pig ignorant has never been amusing.
Unlike the proverbial dog, the pig has never had his day.
But a pig is capable of contracting the flu from birds as well as humans.
He said many of the pig bones they found had been thrown away half-eaten.
It is officially barbecue season or, for those to whom barbecue means burying a pig in a hole in the ground, grill season.
Those who are not eat fewer cookies, whereas those who are see the excessive pizza as a licence to pig out.
The control system allows the pig to turn quickly in high-wind gusts.
Pig farm run off could also be used the thing would end at an artificial cypress tree farm.
Breweries, pig farms, food-processing plants and even works dealing with domestic sewage could gain from the technology.
After an hour of this, my parka and pants were covered with sticky circles of pig booger.
The pig can better absorb phosphorus from its food, reducing the phosphorus content of its manure.
If you're driving around with a pig, everyone knows what you're doing.
It turns out what makes a pig happy will make it taste that much better.
Other researchers tried injections of blood serums and pig lymphocytes, and other experimental therapies, without success.
Here she's traded pig for pasta-but to jump straight to starch would be a mistake.
Coke and iron, the raw materials, were combined in a blast furnace to make liquid pig iron.
The pig iron was poured into a vast oven, known as an open-hearth furnace, to make molten steel.
She really liked the funky white pig with the glowing green mouth.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive that this pig can't fly.
Next to the beanbag is a wicker pig, a gift from her romantic disaster.
Some sectors, notably dairy and pig farming, continue to struggle.
Incredibly intelligent, a pig shows its smarts by rolling in mud and sticking its snout in dirt.
When the two viruses mix within a pig, they can spawn a hybrid flu virus.
Seen above in ordinary light, one such pig appears yellowish.
Not only is it not pudding--it is made with pig blood.
In other news, there's a flying pig outside my window.
We brought all our dogs, chickens, even a potbellied pig once.
Pig farmers and scientists have been at a loss to explain these explosions.
Engineers use a robotic device known as a smart pig to inspect pipelines from the inside.
We know that transmission occurs between human and pig.
No matter how much lipstick you try to put on the pig, tacking measured temps onto proxies is illegitimate.

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To cook a pig, apply heat; to win a lawsuit, apply money.... more
To raise a son without learning is raising an ass; to raise a daughter without learning is raising a pig.... more
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