piezometer in a sentence

Example sentences for piezometer

Piezometer sites differ in the direction of vertical flow between surface and subsurface water.
Piezometer openings are shown larger than they should be constructed in practice.
The piezometer and porous tip should be saturated with clean de-aired water.
The porous piezometer stone should be soaked in water for several hours prior to installation.
Piezometer installation and monitoring in active river channels is difficult and expensive.
Piezometer-nest identifiers are shown along the land surface.
Complete and file for each plugged monitor well, piezometer, or other boring.
Jetting methods have potential use for monitoring well and piezometer installation in unconsolidated formations.
Some sticks contain a piezometer and manometer to average the pulsations in the head reading.
However, the in-stream piezometer at this site had to be re-installed on each visit.
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