piezoelectric in a sentence

Example sentences for piezoelectric

To drive the wing, he needed piezoelectric actuators, which at high frequencies can generate more power than fly muscle can.
The main thing at work in the fibres is a type of piezoelectric polymer.
In their microscope setup, a fiber-optic wire spat out photons as a piezoelectric crystal made it vibrate in two dimensions.
We're also working on piezoelectric devices that can harvest power from the movements of the body.
The wires in the upper right of the image are piezoelectric stacks.
These so-called telluric currents are thought to be generated by friction and piezoelectric effects within rock.
The fibers amplify the vibrations of a piezoelectric motor, moving the mirror.
They were talking about the possibility of charging your phone through a piezoelectric charger.
Metalized piezoelectric film sheets in the robot's silicone outer layer generate voltage when touched.
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