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In her infancy she discovered no marks of levity, and all her inclinations were turned to piety and devotion.
When Maggie discovers she has healing powers, she becomes a celebrity, but she never loses her sincere piety and her virtue.
And then there is the indisputable connection between piety and philanthropy.
Clearly a labor of love, and perhaps of filial piety as well, the volume is exhaustive —an upward climb for the reader.
Using another piece of biblical wisdom, "piety with contentment is great gain".
It evokes their deepest piety and indignation.
Napoli has made an odd trade of her own, swapping the boundlessness of archetypal fantasy for a touch of piety.
Brother Jerome, who tended the pigs and hens, was known for his simplicity as well as his piety.
He has also left several ascetic works, full of piety and devotion.
Corporeal desire clashes with evangelical piety, tragedy ensues — just not in that order.
The proconsul pressed her to give some token of piety towards the gods.
They succeeded, becoming prosperous, and piety mingled with smugness made the whole family insufferably sententious.
In any case, she's sure that he's a poseur and an opportunist, disguising his self-seeking with a veneer of piety.
It must be based on knowledge and motivated by piety.
We don't want science to become suffused with piety, after all.
But these were exercises of local piety, the expression of a provincial pride.
But there is reason to suspect that filial piety leads her to see his relationship to her father with exaggerated intensity.
Most remarkable, the effect seemed independent of the depth of the engineers' piety.
Piety toward his memory suppressed that fact for generations.
The outward forms of piety have become more visible everywhere.
Faisal, who was both tough and admired for his piety, knew how to handle them.
Professed parental piety will help win a place at a high-performing church school.
Yet even if underlying piety has not changed that much, religion's role in public life plainly has.
The number is in dispute, and the level of their piety varies greatly.
In fact this public manifestation of piety and dominance is a part of its attraction at a private level.
The whole has been done under the auspices, and is confirmed by the sanctions, of religion and piety.
His constant cheerfulness rendered piety and penance itself amiable.
Early ardent sentiments of piety seemed to have prevented in her the use of reason.
Her father's virtuous palace was the sanctuary of her innocence, and the school of her tender piety.
He gave loyal allegiance to the ministers, and was dazzled by their piety and learning.
The saint's parents were remarkable for their discretion and piety.
His example and exhortations induced them to an heroic practice of piety.
All the time she was not employed in her master's business was devoted to prayer and reading books of piety.
All the virtues are in peril when filial piety is attacked.
In many movies, piety is for wimps, and the clergy are depicted as oafs and predators.
Inside, the unfinished wood floors, plain pine benches and unadorned walls echo the tradition of humility and piety.

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