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Example sentences for pies

Having fingers in many pies is important because if you go after enough grants you will usually win one, and grants beget grants.
Excellent when mixed with other apples in pies as well.
Perhaps being beat to the punch on whoopie pies left them disillusioned.
Big farm breakfasts-especially biscuits and gravy-are mandatory, and tangy fried apple pies are a regional specialty.
Pubs serve shepherd's pies with marcelled mashed-potato crusts and each tree casts its shade in the form of its summary leaf.
The pizza-delivery guy who shows up with two large pepperoni pies for the staff.
Our whoopie pies layer sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting between two moist red velvet cakes.
Opt for an added garnish by rolling the pies in your favorite chopped nuts or sprinkles.
The individual pies are filled with ground chuck and a tomato-based onion gravy.
Whole pies and slices, breakfast treats and even some savory pies will be available.
But if not, simply veto the pies until everyone has finished his last mouthful of stuffing.
Piroshki are small baked pies stuffed with ground meat, cabbage, or fruit.
The variety and types of pies available for our eating pleasure is overwhelming.

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