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Conjugate will have to explain his chess pieces and other symbols.
Join the team as they try to build a picture of our past from ancient puzzle pieces.
If one blows up, it can splinter into hundreds of small pieces.
How and when people see pieces from the computer game in their sleep tells of the role dreaming plays in learning.
These could also be joined by other methods or made from larger pieces of wood.
Large pieces of paper-remnants of brainstorming sessions-cover the walls.
However, all the pedimental pieces and the west frieze have now been taken indoors to the museum, some being replaced with copies.
To showcase stolen pieces aids and abets a filthy, violent and illegal business.
The salesman offering two pieces would, as in the first regime, actually hand over only one of them half the time.
Many other pieces also hint at political relevance, often using contrasting images to comment on social issues.
For the first time, scientists were able to track an asteroid from space to the ground and recover pieces of it.
These pieces make up the story that has appeared in newspapers.
Yet, despite their ubiquity, they are delicate pieces of equipment.
It's time to clean up the thousands of pieces of satellite debris.
Then wrap more tightly with slender pieces that form tight loops.
What it does do is prevent a maple bat from shattering into flying pieces when it does break.
Likewise, some tents last for a long time whereas others fall to pieces rapidly.
Cut out two identical pieces of cotton flannel using the diaper pattern and a pair of fabric scissors.
All but four of the pieces are original to the collection.
The inlaid decorative woodwork of some of their harps has already turned them into museum pieces.
Rearrange the pieces to solve the puzzle in this addictive game.
Stop adding the water when you have a soupy pulp with no big pieces of paper left.
Let seed potato pieces dry for a day or two before planting.
But not all original contributions take the form of books, even if some pieces of your contribution will one day become a book.
The good news is that he has not been constrained by false modesty and has chosen six of his own pieces for this book.
In fact, lunch was what connected the two news pieces.
Stuff a few pieces of blue cheese into the cut top of each fig.
There will be more taped pieces and personal pieces.
Science has moved on since then, of course, and cloud chambers are now largely museum pieces.
These are snap-together circuits on pieces that resemble electrical schematics.
The work has already been used to reveal that some pieces of amber in museum collections are, in fact, fakes.
Insert these pieces into the rooting medium, covering as much as three-fourths of their length.
The following is a plot of the trajectory of a few pieces of a meteor.
The costs come down mostly to what pieces of equipment-and how many-a library chooses to acquire.
The authors skewer a few pieces of lazily received wisdom.
Furthermore, this is one of the biggest news pieces in the last decade.
Shop flea markets and junk stores for pieces that speak to you.
In places, there are a million pieces of plastic per square kilometre.
The heat is hurting and even killing big pieces of the world's largest coral reef.
Artillery pieces were hauled to the quayside to ensure things went off with a bang.
It lets you add pieces, cut existing pieces into several, and add sewn lines on the sides of pieces.
The panel seems to regard these pieces as disinterested science, rather than counter-advocacy from committed environmentalists.
Then shake your device to break the picture up into multiple pieces.
We've continued to improve the balance of system pieces to boost our system's performance and reliability.
Choosing pieces that can serve multiple functions is a must.
Weathering happens when rocks are broken into smaller pieces.
The numerous cranial pieces that the research team uncovered might, however, help sway the debate toward the early human camp.
The wood is left as natural as possible and details such as interlocking joinery allow you to see how pieces are put together.
These pieces of cake were never airborne-or on the dog's face.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
Well chosen accent pieces can help turn a tiny urban garden into a tranquil space.
Give a random collection of art pieces museum-worthy treatment.
With a few versatile pieces you can create an outdoor living space that is comfortable and stylish.
Transfer the chicken pieces to the bread-crumb mixture and toss to coat thoroughly.
There were probably pieces that particularly influenced your thinking when you were in grad school.
The upside is that you are putting together pieces of a puzzle and trying to figure out where the true story lies.
Meritocrat, another editor, and former editor give excellent pieces of advice.
Lots of individual pieces come together to form a complete picture.
That's because a citation written in bibliography style is broken into little pieces by periods.
Students with good self-confidence understand how to take constructive criticism and to learn from it without falling to pieces.
Amid all this were two letters of scorn, which she tore to pieces.
The challenge comes in applying the limited number of pieces to make complex shapes and models.
After cutting, a spacer was cut and installed to join the two pieces of the body.
The team conducted an experiment asking several hundred people to choose between two pieces of furniture.
As it is, the plastic pieces are too small and lightweight.
Wire mesh covers the ceiling to prevent big pieces from falling into the roadways or hitting miners.
The intricate box, lined with blue velvet, contains pieces of mirror mounted on the rear surface.
There is also visible evidence in trade cards, beautifully illustrated pieces of paper that were the business cards of their day.
These are all pieces of camping equipment and are intended for use outdoors.
Intermingled with the shards were pieces of shrapnel left over from the fighting.
They are finding some loose spalls, or pieces of stone.
Only when those pieces were opened up to bidding at a public auction could you find out what their values were.
Some missing pieces were probably snipped out for souvenirs.
The workers sat at long low tables to pick through the leaves and sort out any pieces of stem.
It is, after all, amazing what evolution has made out of bits and pieces.
He explains how they are made, saying circular pieces of bark embers are placed on the skin.
There are currently hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris in space-spent rockets, dead satellites, stray pieces of hardware.
The pieces clump together to form asteroids and bigger planets.
The boulder is the few pieces of bad data falling off the mountain of data that supports global warming.
Once processed there, pieces of the protein would be displayed on the cell surface.
If this addition is accepted, then all the pieces of the cosmological jigsaw puzzle will fit together.
The underwater robots are also clearing pieces of pipe and other debris from the site where the box will sit.
Plastic bags fragment into small pieces that are polluting our oceans and land, and entering our food chain.
Poor farmers on small pieces of land with mud huts have less room to grow.
The are reported columns that are based on evidence and are not opinion pieces.
Then it turned, and the soupy detritus was sucked out to the sea-leaving only a uniform residue of crushed pieces.
These independent artisan-artists made their pieces out of metal, but he hammered and riveted while she moulded.
The euro zone could shatter into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.
The forest is pristine habitat of a sort likely to contain some extremely valuable pieces of timber.
The portfolio is a collection of different bits and pieces of work for different clients.
There are risks to slicing up the problem into smaller pieces.
When power can be wirelessly routed to such devices, something that is not far off, all the pieces will be in place.
But his pieces were private experiments, not commissions.
Prospectors who find pieces big enough to bring real money aren't inclined to reveal much about the location.
In the spot he is sporting various pieces from a collection, including the briefs.
Screeners repeatedly failed to find stainless-steel test pieces that set off metal detectors as guns might.
The substance of his best pieces is immaterial, and their value is their mellifluous sweetness of sound.
Cut honeycomb tripe in pieces two inches long by one-half inch wide, having three cupfuls.
At birth the vertebra consists of three pieces, the body and the halves of the vertebral arch.
On our lower gun-deck two large pieces had burst at the first fire, killing all around and blowing up overhead.
Uncivilized people use the friction of two pieces of wood to kindle a fire.
Using removable tape, attach the students' pieces of paper to the places where their relatives grew up.
Have students glue their maps onto larger pieces of construction paper so that there's a border of several inches around the map.
Ocelots do not have teeth appropriate for chewing, so they tear their food to pieces and swallow it whole.
But scientists have never been able to verify the theory from such small pieces of bone.
Most early human fossils are found in many small pieces.
Or, give students two pieces of white letter-size paper and help them make a six-page booklet.
Place peaches and raisins in the pan and push down between the bread pieces.
We shot the unique pieces that could be easily removed.
There are a number of other pieces of evidence of life collected from extremely old rocks, but these have been vigorously debated.
Show students the prepared country cut-outs, and help students place them on the map, as if they are pieces of a puzzle.
Meteoroids are pieces of rock and ice in outer space.
As they grow, so do the cracks, eventually splitting into bits and pieces.
Much of the plastic has broken down into tiny pieces that saturate the water and become a toxic part of the marine ecosystem.
When you turn the kaleidoscope, the pieces move, and you see a different design.
They lowered its level enough to find hundreds of pieces of gold along the lake's edge.
Traditional recipes call for a whole chicken that's cut into eight pieces and skinned.
And many of us were reviewing books or writing pieces for the same poorly paying magazines.
Pour the cream over the chocolate, mashing any big pieces with a wooden spoon.
One by one, the senators shaping the bill tossed pieces over the side: no restrictions on transportation fuel or on factories.
At any moment, site managers can see which pieces are faring well and which poorly and can promote or bury them accordingly.
New elements can be introduced and pieces of what has become an overly familiar-and faulty-puzzle reshuffled.
My conclusion after reading many of his pieces is not that he used me, but that he used the human rights mission.
Albright has some valuable pieces and some heirlooms, but mostly the collection consists of costume jewelry.
Featured pieces include cashmere sweaters, ermine su├Ęde loafers, and a navy mohair blazer.
She has now made four pieces, large and small, to his songs.
No communications company touches as many consumers, or controls so many interlocking pieces.
They appeared not only in opera but also in instrumental pieces, especially in the closing sections of concerto movements.
My work is usually made up of lots of smaller pieces that come together to make one big piece.
It has old antique stores, where one can come across anything from vintage clothes to antique art pieces to furniture.
And so that usually takes over, and it's interspersed with action set pieces as the story demands it.
As families default, the owners of the mortgages find themselves holding worthless pieces of paper.
Somewhere along the way, however, that partnership cracked into a million pieces.
He not only ripped it up but, to my recollection, he even put the pieces in his mouth and pretended to swallow them.
Famous industrial designers talk about iconic pieces of technology.
Probably they were obvious to someone else, and were in development shortly thereafter or when other pieces came together.
But on bike rides and walks around the property, she kept finding bits and pieces of his world peeking out from the shrubbery.
Problems could not propagate, pieces fit together, individuals were responsible for local solutions.
The process of making batteries isn't so straight forward as welding two pieces together.
Pieces of metal and plastic does not make a computer instantly.
Frequently the pieces published are neither about technology nor new.
Strangely, later large impacts may have caused the structure to be broken into pieces.
The observer is never seeing an exact time but a collection of pieces moving through time at a specific rate for that period.
Finally, yes a lot of the parts and pieces of a nuclear power plant will be radioactive at decommissioning.
The latest version of the cyclic model even matches key pieces of observational evidence supporting the older view.
He had little blocks of overlapping pieces of the puzzle, and basically, he fit the pieces together.
Our beloved scientists may be building impressive technologies, but some key pieces are missing.
The film is long but never ponderous, the set pieces are thrilling, and one's heartstrings are tugged at all the right places.
The term tinker comes from the metal tin as they used to do bits and pieces of metal work as a trade.
These two pieces of data are consistent with a population which is recently admixed.
Add half of the olive oil, seal bag and squeeze, distributing the oil evenly on the kale pieces.
Case sells them as undeniably haunting and catchy mood pieces.
For the second test, in one scenario the actor took two pieces of small candy from a set of snack bowls.
All the pieces are coming together: the partnerships, connections and details.
Specific pieces by certain potters of the period have become must-haves, while others are relegated to the back shelves.
Note that there can be safety concerns with certain pieces of used gear, particularly car seats and cribs.
Make sure your vehicle has all of the plastic pieces that surround the battery.
Dried apple pieces were wrapped in films and as a result moisture loss from the apple pieces was reduced.

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