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In practice, though, perhaps all that can be done is to tackle the problems piecemeal.
Currently our system of ocean governance is piecemeal.
Yet the overall impression was one of dingy neglect and piecemeal repair.
What stands out about the awards is their piecemeal nature.
Piecemeal prisoner releases should not be mistaken for necessary structural changes.
But farmers say that the reforms have been too piecemeal to be effective.
Although forceful, the effort has also been piecemeal and inefficient.
We have to make it safer and more dependable, not abandon it piecemeal.
But the piecemeal efforts to revive ancient trades in frankincense, henna and hides do not begin to make up for livestock.
We need a radical shift away from the piecemeal regulation of small areas that has resulted.
Our current efforts are not only inadequate, they're hopelessly haphazard and piecemeal.
Happily, though, this piecemeal existence did not last for long.
We've been adopting some of these technologies piecemeal for years.
He held that low-level volcanism, operating much more gradually, may have redone the planet's surface in a piecemeal fashion.
There is much that regulators around the world are doing well, yet many of their actions have been piecemeal.
Piecemeal plans that evaporate once the grant money is spent won't do the job.
But even here costs are coming down, as the translation industry is shifting from project-based to piecemeal working.
However, such a reactive and piecemeal approach to human error is unscientific.
Now they prefer piecemeal reforms and eclectic advice.
Past banking crises show that late, piecemeal rescues cost more and work less well.
In several instances, he said, large-format books were cut up and sold piecemeal.
But these fragile accretions work rather well, they say, and would not survive piecemeal attempts to reform and tweak them.
The costs of myriad piecemeal measures could still add up to damaging protectionism.
The best hopes are in the piecemeal changes that are already happening.
At bottom they know that in the counter-insurgency even success will be scrappy, piecemeal and slow.
Then cut he them up piecemeal, and made ready his supper.
Most of these efforts are too piecemeal to nurse whole ecosystems back to health.
When piecemeal the beast was sent, the engineers knew their place.
Other prominent drivers are having to piecemeal sponsors.
It was discovered in a piecemeal fashion, and its various features were thought to be entirely different animals.
We commonly watch minds that die piecemeal as the brain cells die in clumps.
To be sure, manufacturers and researchers have been exploring piecemeal ways to make portable computers more energy efficient.
The mobilization has begun, albeit in piecemeal, internecine fashion.
What is taking place is still piecemeal and insufficient.
No country has a formal regulatory regime governing them, and the piecemeal oversight that does exist often does not work.
Most of these are caravans and prefabs, some smuggled in piecemeal past the army's check-points.
Maybe he is but one can advocate drastic changes through piecemeal implementation.
It has been doing so piecemeal and could declare its intention to do so systematically.
In all cases stereotyping was more efficient than piecemeal processing or switching from one to the other.

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