piece of business in a sentence

Example sentences for piece of business

The eggs are the expedition's last piece of business.
It is also, of course, a shrewd piece of business by someone who knows how to play a market.
Piece of business: an action taken to make an actor appear engrossed.
There are gaps of space around every piece of business, and the space destroys the picture.
But when the meeting was called to order, the first piece of business was a song.
The next piece of business is to comb through the want ads and find a job.
My company intends to purchase a significant piece of business equipment in the near future.
For example, a broker would steer a particular piece of business to one insurer based on a favorable commission structure.
And it is a complicated piece of business that you're engaged in.
So he took care of that piece of business right away once it came down to him.
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