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There's no need to chill a pie crust for three hours.
Likewise, pumpkin pie went missing due to a lack of crust ingredients.
The abundances of different isotopes are shown as pie charts.
We pie lovers demand to know why so many family restaurants no longer have cases full of fresh homemade pies.
So, let me determine the value of pi without using circles and without using a pie.
Best ever: vanilla on hot fresh homemade rhubarb pie.
In their communiqué, party leaders promised to give more of the pie to wage-earners.
There were too many people, and the pie simply wasn't big enough.
They are pie in the sky and will always crash the mission.
Turns out the jail warden was a pie fiend and on one visit she brought an extra pie especially for him.
It's a triple layer cake with a pie baked into each layer.
Such maps are handy for showing a large number of data values that would visually overcomplicate a pie chart.
Yet to the rest of the world they often appear sweet as pie.
But the food was bland, and the apple pie wasn't that good.
It also represents the number of points that type of pie is worth-but only if you have more of that type than anyone else.
Use the same body language and vocal cues you would use when discussing your favorite research or pie recipe.
It has a handy pie chart to show the relative magnitude of the deadly perils that befall our fair citizenry.
So to me the fix seems kind of simplistic and apple pie.
When the retail pie is so small to begin with, those slices are going to send us all to bed mighty hungry.
State governors all receive big slices of the oil pie.
It's time to think outside the pie crust and consider other ways you can put pumpkin on your table.
Arrange one pastry round in a shallow pie plate or on a baking sheet.
Pie is only so big and tax payers are already paying so much to educate them through high school.
Great southern comfort food and the pecan pie is out of this world.
At the moment, these plans are little more than pie in the sky.
Everyone is impressed with his pie chart, even though you are sure no one really understands it.
For pie filling, bring an inch of water to a boil in a large covered pot fitted with a steamer basket or rack.
Surely the question is not how big a percentage of the total pie you own, but whether your piece is sufficient for your needs.
But they are competing for a share of a smaller consumer pie.
Soft meringue has earned its fan base in this country as a cloud on top of lemon pie.
It has small-town rodeos, relaxed guest ranches, and roadside diners with good pie.
When the global pie fails to grow, individual countries can only increase their consumption at the expense of others.
But, others argue that this wedge of the energy consumption pie could be one of the simplest to reduce.
Some technology heavyweights also want a piece of the pie.
Most online music sites give the bands short shrift when slicing up the revenue pie.
They've already lost control of that rotting pie they had.
Dry geothermal is more pie in sky nonsense with its earthquakes and not yet invented pumps.
Once, he responded to a client's request with a bunch of pie charts that measured his disinterest in the job.
But maybe they could be part of making a much larger, sweeter pie.
Besides, it takes different ingredients to bake a pie.
The launderers got our dough and walked on top of the eco frenzy that was fostered on pie in the sky idealism and green chatter.
So while the pie has been growing rapidly, the share that goes to individual households has shrunk.
But when he made his apple pie veterans remarks, they all stood up and applauded.
Making restaurant-style pie in the home kitchen can be tough.
Everyone wants a piece of the big spirits industry pie.
It certainly satisfied my need for something sweet, not that it stopped me from baking a peach and blueberry pie two days later.
And all of the forgoing has had the practical impact of a whipped cream pie falling face first off a footstool.
Mathematicians dreamed up the rationals, useful for describing slices of pie or kingdom.
The second image is a figure which shows the sampling of locations, as well as pie charts with ancestral quanta.
When her husband finds out, he must decide whether outing her is worth losing his part of the pie.
Furious, she managed to find a custard pie and threw it in his face.
They then divided that pie up by keywords that fit different industries.
The selected drug is in a pie-shaped wedge within the drawer.
IF you think of crackers as little bits of pie crust, or fast-cooking bread, you quickly comprehend why they're so easy to make.
Not the cranberry sauce or the stuffing or even the pumpkin pie.
Lawyers and agents scheme to ensure that their stars take a cut of a film's proceeds before anybody else gets to the pie.
It produces a bigger pie and allows more people to exercise their creative talents.
Some say all this pie-throwing distracts attention from the real problems that overmighty chaebol cause.
When the pie of prosperity was expanding, dissension within the elite made no sense.
Some are doing so, but others still seem unable to resist poking their fingers into another pie.
They may all have been promised too large a share of a much-reduced pie.
Try incorporating thyme in your next pie, whether savory or sweet.
And then, somehow, half an apple pie slipped into the dish.
It is baked in a pie shell and served at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
For a rustic presentation serve right out of the pan or pie plate.
The drink is topped with whipped cream and a dusting of pumpkin pie spices.
And no, it has nothing to do with all that pie you ate.
Until outlays sunk into the careers of rookies have been amortized, producers are loath to cut them a bigger piece of the pie.
To the standard regimen of interviews, film clips and pie charts, he had the showman's savvy to add an extra ingredient: himself.
If the economic pie grows smaller, people will fight one another ferociously for a piece of it.
Make a hearty venison pot pie with vegetables, potatoes and a biscuit topping.

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