piddling in a sentence

Example sentences for piddling

He has never stopped piddling when he gets nervous or excited and as he gets older it is frustrating.
We ate our crackers, nuts, and other piddling snacks representing lunch.
He responded by naming one piddling novel that he'd remove.
Once every thousand entries they come across an error, a piddling five cents one way or the other.
These are piddling amounts compared with the gargantuan volumes of traditional polyolefins sold.
Workers and employers alike put piddling sums into such accounts.
If a country wants foreigners out they need to quit piddling around the bushes and actually do something.
Piddling, perhaps, but it reveals character and integrity.
The contrived sorrows presented in the film are actually piddling idiocies.
When not offering piddling pyrotechnics and phony fight sequences, the movie tries desperately to be cute.
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