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Your posts and pictures on this blog have inspired all of us.
Said to be the first to introduce pictures in a daily paper.
He also occupied himself with such tasks as the production of catalogues of pictures.
In addition to the wide-ranging images attached to each post, we've written a few words about pictures, too.
Tear them out of that texture-read about their brats, look at pictures of their vacation-and they mean nothing.
His quotations and pictures and clips and drawings and paintings give density and meaning to the blind onrush that life can be.
The pictures of gas and steam erupting out of the surface of the water captivated the world.
Pictures of green beans and carrots on cafeteria trays resulted in more kids eating more veggies.
It even worked when the students looked at pictures of plants, or imagined being outdoors.
They sent their fastest planes not to drop bombs, but to take pictures.
My query about the pictures, and this article itself, relates to the role scarcity plays in persuasion.
Both distraction and the pictures of new loves reduced pain.
Each eye sends a different signal to the brain, and the brain compares the two pictures.
All scientists have imagined and pictures in different scenarios how to avoid such a collision.
When they presented the fish with pictures of people expressing emotions, regions of the salmon's brain lit up.
Apparently they don't care who is driving the car and don't bother to take pictures of the driver.
This, he found, approximated the way silent films alternate between text and moving pictures-without ever using both at once.
But although those pictures are revered, they're contested.
Check out their tweets, pictures, a map and more on their intern blog.
But taking these pictures feels somehow wrong, reminiscent of trophy photos.
It was a beautiful day, good for pictures and video, but windy enough to interfere with audio recording.
It would provide extra information and pictures for a great complementary article to this one.
The art historian set out to discover how the pictures were made.
Researchers debate the extent to which this area is specialised for word recognition, since it also responds to pictures.
Yet it follows you, putting up more racy pictures, perhaps even the offer of a discount.
The pictures served as a graphic corroboration of the popular view that officers consider themselves to be above the law.
Those fitted with digital cameras and camcorders are hardly new, but they now take even better pictures.
Some are digitising their entire office, including pictures, bills and correspondence.
These priorities then form the basis for sketching out rough pictures of the future.
The effect is forceful, whether seeing these pictures for the first time or the fiftieth.
The vast bulk of his quite bulky book consists of pen pictures of all these countries and regions and of what he found there.
Lecherous readers who photographed it were rewarded with additional pictures.
There is an eclectic mixture of old wooden tables to sit at, and pictures by local artists adorn the walls.
This, to me, is what makes these pictures so remarkable.
Steve chose journalistic responsibility over personal feelings, and took one of his best pictures for the magazine.
They hid behind the columns to take pictures of the money and each other after being told they weren't allowed.
Tom, a plastic surgeon, busies himself by taking pictures of his friends.
Maybe that's why his pictures still feel so urgent and raw.
The flat was small, and a little shabby, but everywhere you looked there were pictures or small clusters of toys or ceramic vases.
Still more striking, however, is what the satellite pictures tell us about the looters.
Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.
Peasants on vacation snap pictures, and there are occasional protests.
The pictures they have there are incredible, and available for download as wallpaper, too.
They then have a little more than a second to pick the set that is the sum of the previous two pictures.
Photo-editing software gets more sophisticated all the time, allowing users to alter pictures in ways both fun and fraudulent.
The gray-scale pictures would look familiar to anyone who has seen a brain scan, but these images are different.
The answer to good pictures in cellphones is more pixels and digital zoom.
Cell phone cameras are famous for taking grainy, low-resolution pictures.
They can then insert the micro-endoscope into the tube, taking pictures of the cells using a standard two-photon microscope.
Still pictures were sent back over the few operating data links.
All the gadgets let the untrained make much better picture but understanding light is still required to make great pictures.
It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures.
She began taking pictures of out-of-state license plates.
They act as though the words they write and pictures they post and texts they send vanish into the ether.
Seriously wild and zany pictures of guys and their golf pants.
Pictures of the cutest fuzzy bunny rabbits you'll ever see.
The same pictures and videos you want to share with friends and family may contain information that also has value to criminals.

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