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It wants all countries to mandate large, grotesque pictorial warnings on cigarette packets.
And people in the cinema world use it to mean pictorial effects that are overdone.
But the immediate impact of this new trademark was also in its radical departure from its illustrative, pictorial predecessor.
Traditional town planning produces pictorial codes that any normal citizen can comprehend.
Still, the occasional pictorial representation of our spending priorities does help to bring home how messed up they are.
It's a pictorial catalogue of science fiction starships ships to scale.
Most installations in the show palpably fall back on pictorial and sculptural conventions.
The merely pictorial in nature does not much interest him, probably because he had seen no pictures.
The exhibition brings you close to this joyful working presence because it opens with an education in pictorial values.
Pictorial laminates are not friendly, they do not want to stick together.
No artist alive has felt through more fiercely the pictorial issues of scale, nor with more startling results.
His instructions on how to produce a portrait-as applicable in literary as in pictorial terms-were lucid, pertinent, and precise.
Tilting the camera, framing the scene off-balance, and isolating or combining pictorial elements are other compositional options.
What it lacks in dramatic structure, it makes up in pictorial urgency.
All it professes to be is a pictorial evocation of a distinguished personality.
The variety of content and quality of printing in the pictorial sections are best represented by the collections themselves.

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