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These easy to make picnic food recipes travel well and taste delicious.
It's an easy stroll to get to picnic benches overlooking the falls.
Picnic options can be limited, and outdoor eating requires inconvenient amounts of plastic cutlery and paper towels.
Because the pitcher of beer placed at my outdoor picnic table continues to be miraculously cold.
Such people appearing at a picnic color the entire scene with the blue light of their austerity.
Twenty percent of watermelons never make it to the picnic table.
Katrina would be seen as a comparative lunchtime picnic in a light breeze.
As the party laid out a picnic, a sudden downpour sent its members scurrying for cover.
Picnic tables are available under huge shade trees, and visitors are encouraged to bring lunch.
Judging by the high spirits of the crew, you might think we're out for a picnic.
We sat on the roof deck, where the ambience was ultra-simple: a sheet of brown paper laid across a picnic table.
Blessed unruliness reigns at the world's largest picnic.
The precipitating event was a pig-roast picnic held by my grandparents.
Life, which has been no picnic for many in this state since the recession began, is about to get a lot worse.
And meeting emissions and safety standards will be no picnic.
Compared with making a rigid mirror, making a liquid mirror is a picnic.
Thermoelectric coolers are popularly used in portable picnic coolers and cooling car seats.
Watermelon, the quintessential summer fruit, may soon be helping to fuel your car as well as your picnic guests.
Volunteers help construct new picnic tables on the reservation.
It offers cold running water, flush toilets, and covered picnic tables.
In warmer months, take advantage of picnic areas and playgrounds.
If you don't have school and the weather looks sunny, you might visit the zoo or go on a picnic.
The estate, known for its mountain views, also has a general store filled with picnic fare.
Amble along the boardwalk or bring along lunch to eat at one of the park's many picnic tables.
They were incredibly gracious and open with their stories, their prayers, and their delicious picnic.
Hiding a picnic of crickets inside a coconut which had three holes drilled in it provided a culinary challenge for the amphibians.
Covered picnic shelters, tents, and convertibles even with the roof up are not safe.
But the emerald hillsides appear lovely even without the walk and outstanding picnic spots abound.
Since there was a lot to be worked out, all the kids kept running back to the picnic table to decode, then back out to the field.
It's a great place to have a picnic after going through the museum.
The ordinary picnic table and benches were used for a movie set.
The popular family beaches usually have picnic tables, public barbecues and restrooms on site.
Vending machines are available on-site, and a picnic area sits adjacent to the beach.
All of its camping sites are full hookups and are equipped with a fire pit and picnic table.
There is also an on-site warming house, picnic shelter and playground.
Camp sites have a concrete patio, picnic table and fire ring.
Outside, sites have fire rings, grills and picnic tables.
The sites feature full hookups, picnic tables and fire rings.
Picnic areas are scattered throughout the forest for day use but swimming is not allowed in any of the lakes.
Campsite amenities include water, sewer and electricity along with picnic tables and fire grills.
Picnic pavilions offer a shady seating area for a picnic or sunset viewing.
Activities at this park include picnic facilities, camping, fishing and hiking.
Amenities include picnic tables, laundry facilities, private showers and vending machines.
The motel also offers a picnic area and coffee in the lobby.
Trails take you along the protected cove where you'll find historical landmarks and panoramic picnic spots.
Each campsite includes a picnic table, a post for a lantern and an in-ground grill for cooking and campfires.
Numerous beaches are along the coastline, some offering picnic areas, playgrounds and volleyball and basketball courts.
There are minimal fees for overnight camping and renting a picnic pavilion.
To make your stroll romantic, pack a picnic lunch with you.
Her challenging goals for her two daughters were a picnic neither for them nor for her.
Formerly they showered cookie crumbs upon the happy ant recipients, but too many ants spoil the picnic, and this is too many ants.
Zoom lenses capture every intimate moment as they picnic with friends or paddle in a mountain stream.
Sally packed devilled eggs-something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy.
He invites his parents to attend a fellowship picnic at a country house owned by relatives of one of the church members.
They sit, they talk about everything-then they eat their picnic.
Describes picnic paraphernalia and atmosphere of rivalry.
They were up on a picnic table at that park by the lake.
He might have warned that nation building is no picnic, either.
Instead, the neighbors have turned it into a tourist attraction and weekend picnic spot.
And it appears you really cannot talk reason into someone with the intellectual ability of a concrete picnic table.
Smiley-faced signs invite the public to loll around, frolic, and picnic on the greenery.
Stock up on for a picnic in the park, or in the likely scenario of rain, the living room.
They eat at a picnic bench outside the hall, under an old oak.
It would be right at home on a summer picnic table alongside hamburgers or grilled steaks.
They asked me to join them at their celebratory picnic, arranged on a table near the water.
He'd brought sandwiches and wine and some pastry concoction he had made himself, as a picnic offering.
Try thin slices over a salad, or make smoked-duck sandwiches for a picnic.
It's first-come, first-served, so reserve your place at one of the picnic tables or on an oversized day bed.
Similarly, the mayonnaise is probably not the culprit in that bowl of salad festering in the heat on the picnic table.
The sandwiches and salads made on the premises are perfect picnic fare.
It was the same kind of cooler you might bring on a picnic, or to the beach.
Sprinkle with chives and serve as a starter for a summer picnic or luncheon.
Picnic shelter reservations are accepted up to six months in advance for use year-round.
If you are looking for a location with tables and fireplaces, however, you can visit one of the park's picnic areas listed here.
Load a picnic and a cool-box of beer and wine, and set off through the scattered islets.
We don't give bees much thought unless they're terrorizing us at a picnic, but they're exquisitely complex creatures.
The white tablecloth spread atop the picnic blanket glowed with a rosy light from the setting sun.
Here's a side dish that makes a stunning brunch menu item or it can work for a late-summer picnic salad.
Most parks have quiet spots designed for relaxation, including gardens, old school playgrounds and picnic tables.

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