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Example sentences for pickles

Soy sauce, lemons, and pickles might also have made cameos over the years.
They are called pickles, that's what everyone calls them.
Anything that got by me made it into a jar of pickles.
Wasabi-and-olive-oil pickles were tart and suitable for palate prepping.
She explained how modern chemistry can produce almost any kind of scent synthetically, even popcorn and pickles.
There's certainly satisfaction to be found in a juicy burger accompanied by vinegary pickles, or the thick, salty crab dip.
If you're looking for eggplant pickles or sarsaparilla-root powder, this is the place.
The pickles are ready for consumption in a few weeks.
Because of their long shelf life, pickles are important sources of sustenance for travelers and impoverished families.
Watch the races while dining on barbecue prime rib or munching on deep-fried pickles.
Mississippians have a strange relationship with pickles.
The restaurant makes all its salads, knishes, baked goods and pickles.
Barbecued meats are available as sandwiches with a soft roll and pickles or as a platter with cole slaw and fries.
Cauliflower pickles beautifully, its snowy white color as crisp as its taste.
The mixture acts as a preservative and adds flavor and crispness to the pickles.
Watermelon and cantaloupe pickles and relishes, preserves and jellies, and iced tea.
All these are to be eaten with a large selection of pickles and chutneys.
Once crisp pickles, tender gnocchi and runny yolks have been mastered, the chefs move into the chemistry lab.
At the end comes the spiritual heart of the meal: rice, pickles and the best miso soup around.
Fact sheet outlines the procedure for making pickles.
Lettuce, pickles and mustard for sausage and hot ham and cheese.

Famous quotes containing the word pickles

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It shrinks my liver, doesn't it? It pickles my kidneys. Yeah. But what does it do to my mind? It tosses the... more
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