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Picking colors that are inappropriate for the space.
Friends who help with the harvest share in the bounty, and in the fun of picking fruit on a crisp fall day.
While you're picking up the tomatoes, grab some corn for grilling.
They went mushroom- and berry-picking regularly and had giant crawfish feasts whenever they could.
One runs from tree to tree over the frosted ground picking the gnarled, twisted apples and filling his pockets with them.
It would seem he was picking something from the floor.
He believed in his own literary power, his capacity for suggesting fine shades and picking perfect words.
Effectively picking up on nonverbal cues is also an important part of getting to know how other cultures convey subtle messages.
Cherry picking programs in demand will always provide better results than sustaining a broad set of courses and degrees.
Sometimes it means picking strawberries in the backyard garden together.
Of course, all that does is put the burden on their colleagues who wind up picking up the slack.
But in any event, in picking architects and designing buildings, it behoves us educators to never forget the goal of educating.
The idea of cherry-picking applies in a number of business contexts.
The general's trip came as economic activity between the two countries is picking up.
But the party has an uncanny talent for blowing its chances by picking the wrong candidate.
And they are editors, picking good books and improving them.
The reason for picking this particular gene is that it is the only one known so far to have a direct connection with speech.
It sets the precedent of cherry-picking data so that you get a risk premium that makes your projections look as good as possible.
Picking beets and potatoes filled out her body and strengthened the small of her back.
Habits in picking up litter say a lot about places and their people.
But as the jobs market tightens, pay is picking up, giving wage earners more spending power.
The cycle of the turning year was described with loving care: blackberry-picking, turning hay, digging potatoes.
Indicators show the economy was picking up and employment rising towards the end of last year.
Critics say that this approach simply exploits the value effect, a long-established approach to stock-picking.
Pick your winners without knowing who you're picking.
Picking the best diet plan to trim inches can be tough.
Picking out unsupported points and arguing without facts won't help anyone understand what is really happening.
Your computer finds the code by picking up each piece of straw and checking it to see if it is the correct code.
Cherry picking elite dyslexics is silly and grasping at straws.
To use an agricultural term, this is cherry-picking.
For picking off pimples, few reliable studies exist to show clear benefits of one treatment over another.
And she is no longer picking rags off a stinking garbage heap for virtually nothing.
And if air quality problems in your area continue to be bothersome, consider picking up and moving.
In my not so humble opinion, more self delusion, and cherry picking of the available data.
Basically, this involves inadvertently cherry-picking data and it results in inflated estimates of correlations.
The encyclopedia's researchers are picking microbes from many more branches of the evolutionary tree of life.
Picking this low hanging fruit would make a terrific difference, without any coercion.
The sequencing reveals a virus that began its life in an animal, then mutated before picking up the power to infect people.
Commercial fishing policies should stop picking on larger, older fish, a new study suggests.
Social and playful, monkeys show affection and friendship by picking bugs and dirt out of each other's fur.
Researchers knew picking up red-bellied piranhas-among the few piranhas dangerous to humans-could prompt croaks from the fish.
Rather than picking plants in the forest, she has succeeded at growing many of them in her garden-creating a nursery.
Picking up a drink is dead simple for people, whose brains have evolved over millions of years to coordinate exactly such tasks.
Members of the dig team suspected that a few of the soldiers were picking up artifacts as they patrolled the site's perimeter.
But picking an e-book reader is more difficult than choosing a brand of cereal or a bottle of shampoo.
For this technique picking up a subject is always an interesting part.
Picking gear for gamers isn't as difficult as it may sound.
Other carriers are picking up the hardware, though each of them is adding its own modifications.
The company has never exactly been good at picking a direction for its development strategy and sticking with it.
Picking one up replaces a weapon you're holding, but you can choose to ditch the default pistol rather than the shotgun or rifle.
Drop it down a flight of stairs, and you'll be picking up pieces at the next landing.
Pomegranates are a delicious treat, but picking out the seeds can be time consuming.
After picking, give the flowers a quick rinse and steep them in a gallon of hot water for several hours.
So he comes into the kitchen, wiping his greasy hands on the rag before picking up the telephone receiver.
She had an affinity for piano players, and a knack for picking them.
All the country over, people are busy picking up the windfalls, and this will make them cheap for early apple-pies.
Here's a safe bet, though: picking from one of the plenty of great books written about music each year.
Downstairs on your way into the picking side of the warehouse, was a traffic light.
In other words, the judge ruled that the legislature has no business picking winners and losers in intrastate commerce.
And so, piecing together the origins of a hashtag involves both online hunting and picking up the telephone.
It seems that a big chunk of our cost may come from picking up the gold plated pensions.
When her husband first noticed the bowl he said it was pretty, but turned away with out picking it up to examine it.
They ate in bed, picking up the herring with their fingers and ripping the baguette with their hands.
Building trade, pubs and restaurants, fruit picking.
Speaking of a vast wasteland, you might want to start picking out and clearing off a place for our spacecraft to land.
She comes back while he is picking up an ashtray he dropped and is convinced that he is lying.
Altering and cherry-picking details is an easy, hollow game for a writer.
The only problem is that he seems a bit slow when it comes to picking up the check.
If the shareholders are picking up the tab, that's all the better.
It may be a losing fight as long as professors keep picking texts, but the students are waging it in a surprisingly canny way.
Both males and females strode about the enclosure picking up fruit and mingling with their friends.
But in fact, scientists observed, the nucleus was losing more energy than detectors were picking up.
Crocodiles position themselves nearby, picking off the animals as they flail in the water.
People have found far more elaborate uses for toothpicks than picking the teeth, however.
Suddenly, a paint-splattered worker picking at a nearby wall shouts, waves his steel trowel and points.
We began picking our way up the rippling sandstone escarpment, now turning red in the afternoon sun.
Ring's expenses included hiring the hall and picking up the tasters' travel costs.
It makes for fascinating watching picking apart the relationships, but it makes it difficult to emotionally invest in anyone.
His group has also enabled the first end-to-end completion of reliably picking up a crumpled laundry article and folding it.
But using one of these robots is far harder than picking up a phone or using a video calling system.
When someone else is picking up the tab, mystery pricing is not much of a problem.
Therefore, doctors are blindly picking samples to test, running the risk that they will miss an actual tumor.
Other than that, it should stop picking winners and losers.
And anyway, the government should not be in the business of picking winners.
Of course, picking an advisor means picking a specialty.
The wire was picking up signals from a minute electrode implanted under the hat, in the rat's brain.
It seems odd that she would go from saying she's scared of snakes to eagerly picking them up and handling them.
Law is gallantly picking up right where his ex left off.
Bobby was sitting at the end of a long table, staring silently at his plate, picking at his food.
Nationwide, state legislatures are picking up only about two-thirds of the annual cost of public higher education.
Speaking of picking favorites, it's unusual for two films that you star in to come out within two weeks of each other.
We're not picking up the phone, in case it's a reporter who somehow got the number.
And don't be surprised if you run into some dressed-down celebs picking up sandwiches along the way.
He was a surgeon, picking apart defenses with almost flawless accuracy.
Here's a look at all of them, along with tips for picking the one that's right for you.
It's always a good idea to call ahead to the farm to check on picking conditions.
No commercial picking is allowed in the closed areas.
Huckleberry picking can be enjoyed as a solitary experience or as a group activity for the entire family.
Blueberry picking is only permitted in designated areas during sales stand operating hours.
Scratching or picking at warts may spread them to other sites.
It's always a good idea to call ahead to the farm you want to visit to check on picking conditions.

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