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Example sentences for picket line

Leaving of work due to respecting an informational picket line.
He did not resume his work at the expiration of the vacation because of the picket line.
Horses must be confined in camp by hitch rails, tied to a high picket line, or confined in portable corrals.
Often found in a picket line interspersed with foxholes or as shelter in the rear of a main line.
On the first day of the strike, anyone attempting to cross the picket line was bombarded with rocks and iron pipes.
Under the labor laws, employees are free to make up their own minds about crossing a picket line and continuing to work.
However, until all the jobs are filled, anyone who wants to cross the picket line will be put to work.
Some riders prefer tethering stock to a highline, also called a tethering line or picket line.
She was even arrested when she marched with striking teachers in a picket line.

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