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Example sentences for picket fence

For example, the rails in a split rail fence may be removed, and the pickets in a picket fence may be able to be broken easily.
Three markers surrounded by a white picket fence mark the resting place of the park's namesake.
Imagine that you are looking at a dog that is standing behind a picket fence.
The white picket fence was a metaphor for decent housing, life insurance, mortgages and college educations.
Imagine two people standing on opposite sides of a tall picket fence.
The field was filled with some two thousand dark-brown long-billed ducks, penned in by a white picket fence.
Flash back a generation to the house with the white picket fence.
But the picket fence has been much more for so long in this country.
The fine-dining restaurant is housed in a two-story historic home with a white picket fence.
Check out this hidden gift shop in an attractively restored historic general store set behind a picket fence.
Today, the rectangular post cemetery is bounded by a white picket fence with a wooden archway marking the entrance.
The grounds present a panorama of cropped lawns and colorful flower gardens with occasional benches, and a picket fence.
The plot was located in the northwest corner of the town cemetery surrounded by a picket fence.
Plants invade a picket fence and piece of railing in the lower foreground.
On the left are buildings and a picket fence, on the right, telephone poles.
It is enclosed by a picket fence and has benches for relaxing.
If you leave it alone and do nothing to it, it eventually becomes a grey picket fence.
His gravestone, now in the forest, is one of two surrounded by a picket fence.
Nails pointed slats to rails to construct picket fence.
The cemetery grounds were originally enclosed by a light wooden picket fence that was later replaced with an iron fence.
The utility building area, which includes a fuel storage area, is enclosed by a wooden picket fence.
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