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Example sentences for picket

Three markers surrounded by a white picket fence mark the resting place of the park's namesake.
Imagine that you are looking at a dog that is standing behind a picket fence.
With more or less difficulty he would be conducted to a picket rope outside and fastened there.
Imagine two people standing on opposite sides of a tall picket fence.
In fact, it may not have been a tree at all but a big wooden picket with clumps of rotting cherries stapled to it.
The field was filled with some two thousand dark-brown long-billed ducks, penned in by a white picket fence.
Levittown was the original suburbia: a place of identical detached single-family houses with white picket fences.
Not surprisingly the best teachers in the school weren't the ones on the picket lines.
The white picket fence was a metaphor for decent housing, life insurance, mortgages and college educations.
And blood stained the pavement where they now picket.
Flash back a generation to the house with the white picket fence.
Two top actors unions' contracts with the major studios expire today, but they won't be picking up picket signs yet.
Under the labor laws, employees are free to make up their own minds about crossing a picket line and continuing to work.
He slowed down when he approached the picket line to avoid hitting any of the protesters.

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