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He was allowed one phone call, and asked his relatives to come and pick up the dog.
He had three golden apples, which he dropped one by one, and which the lady stopped to pick up.
The papers were quick to pick up the remark, and it stayed with him the rest of his life.
When religions flourish side by side they tend to pick up each other's ceremonial and other outward peculiarities.
He will choose a field somewhere near a wayside station, where he can pick up the train.
We're not going to pick up any rubbish that drifts in.
For this purpose he goes to the middle of the plot of ground, stoops down, and pretends to pick up a letter.
The question now is whether, if public spending on construction falls, the private sector will pick up the slack.
The information they pick up is relayed to a satellite.
The new plan looks set to pick up where the previous one left off.
Exports may also pick up further as demand in overseas markets continues to strengthen.
He is against raising taxes so, if growth does not pick up, he must cut spending instead.
Production could grind to a halt unless sales of fridges, cars and clothing pick up.
To put cash to work, to invest in productive capacity, one has to anticipate a pick up in demand.
Next year may bring better news, as exports at last pick up again, helped by the weaker euro.
Besides, my company promised to pick up our relocation expenses.
As the two of them crisscross the floor, the crowd and musicians pick up the pace.
For example, don't pick up a wet painting by the top and watch the frame fall to the ground.
Doing so is easy enough, but now pick up something heavy in your hand and do it again.
Pick up the bucket and hold it directly under your mouth to be as discreet as possible.
We traversed up and then across the glacier to pick up all of our old marker flags from a hike in the fog two days earlier.
Pay the toll, pick up a brochure, then corkscrew your way up the mountain.
The glove allows you to reach out and pick up an artificial object, say a ball, and throw it.
So what happens is that the information that these receptors pick up gets transferred down to the motor that spins the flagellum.
Their task was to pick up the object and take it to another table, where they would put the object down and pick up a new one.
And they found that the nastier the ant, the more likely the ape is to pick up a stick.
They pick up the vibrations and transmit that information to our brains, which interpret it as sound.
Researchers have developed a novel polymer device that can pick up on trace amounts of explosive vapors.
Objects such as chromosomes and proteins are way too small to pick up or flip over using your fingers.
Most humans pick up the infection from tick nymphs, which can be smaller than the head of a pin and so difficult to see.
They then used a long, mechanical grabber to pick up the same block.
X-rays also pick up white specks of calcium deposits that may be generated by a tumor as it grows.
Some can pick up surface proteins from human flu viruses that allow the bird virus to then infect humans.
When tectonic plates shift, the crystals could transfer the energy they pick up to a grid-connected storage medium for later use.
Two controversial, early screening techniques may pick up the tumors better than critics previously believed.
Most of us don't think twice about getting behind the wheel even for short hops to pick up some milk.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
Pick up a self-guided tour brochure from the hotel lobby.
People who want to pedal a bit faster pick up a racing bike.
These eddies could either pick up oil and carry it closer to shore or bring the oil back into the loop.
Pick up some incense and spices in this ancient city.
Take your hand off the mouse, pick up a paintbrush, and go back to your strengths.
With so many new ereaders and tablets on the market, it's a great time to pick up an affordable and snazzy device.
In particular, reports often do not pick up how the cultural life of universities is constantly mutating in various ways.
The more you edit something, the less likely you are to pick up your own fundamental errors.
Here, a cowhide chair and an abstract painting pick up on the earthy palette.
After strolling through the garden, you can place an order on the spot or pick up a catalog.
Hikers can pick up a map and a bird list at the small nature center.
Before you jump to the idea that you'll pick up the art of home-canning, read this, which puts the process in perspective.
Or pick up some at your local fish market and give one of our favorite recipes a try.
They'll think of you every time they pick up a box of beautiful, fresh, organically grown produce.
In part, they fear other retailers will try to pick up some of their labels and hone in on their business.
If you've got a long drive home or a bunch of errands to do, pick up the chicken last, and pack it in a cooler with ice packs.
Bob has to make arrangements to pick up the part after the shop has closed that evening.
If economic growth continues to pick up, substantial job growth will eventually follow.
As government stimulus winds down, the private sector will be able to pick up some of the slack.
It encourages families with money to buy larger mortgages and rich employers to pick up lavish health care plans.
In his retirement, he sometimes works for an auto shop, driving to pick up parts.
It would be naïve to pick up the memoir of a recently retired politician expecting total candor.
But maybe one will pick up an old art-history book from the shelf.
There will also be two new ways to pick up some extra cash.
He helped pick up a cold, gloomy day for the writer.
The mantis shrimp can pick up on ultraviolet, infrared-and circular polarization.
They're going to stream into towns and cities to pick up any kind of job that they can get.
It may be, they say, a novel evolutionary mechanism for organisms to pick up new genes and adapt them for new functions.
Chimpanzees probably pick up cultural traditions by observation.
But if they noticed the change at the ninth burst, their responses should pick up again.
It may experience natural selection, it may pick up some genes from human flu viruses, or both.
The flies, duped by the orchid's false spots, pick up pollen and spread it to another flower.
My story is behind a paywall, so you'll need to subscribe or pick up a copy at a news stand.
People tend to pick up many traits from their roll models.
Small boys probably were trying to pick up swords which were heavy depending on the steel.
Using bigger molecules to increase the number of qubits dramatically reduces the signal you can pick up from each qubit.
The strap around the subject's head contains electrodes that pick up brain waves.
The thermal cameras will also pick up any changes in temperature.
The band hides a ring of six electrodes that pick up the weak electrical signals produced by active muscle tissue.
It used to be that you'd go to a large library--you'd randomly pick up a book and open it to a random page and make a discovery.
The geophone sensors pick up foot-fall vibrations, while the infrared ones detect body heat.
Immediately the sea turned red and fifty frigate birds appeared from nowhere to pick up the larger remaining scraps of flesh.
Whatever the case, perhaps she'll be inclined to pick up her camera again and give us another original collection.
Stern's great contribution was tuning the receiver of the economics profession so it could pick up the signal too.
To learn about current events they had to pick up gossip in cafés, consult clandestine manuscript newsletters, or read libels.
They had the images they wanted but their microphone had not been strong enough to pick up the prayers.
The charges beg an answer-the mirror they hold up is maybe meant less to reflect a face than to pick up a faint fog of breath.
Inevitably the taxpayers would pick up the bill for their mistake.
Then put down your fork, pick up the shell, and slurp down the oyster from the wide end-it's more aerodynamic that way.
Since your old pastimes are now mostly haram, you'll have to pick up some new vices.
It is with this understanding that the government agrees to pick up the tab should they fail.
He seldom visited its offices, and then only to pick up errant art books.
Pick up a piece of fruit--a common red fruit, the kind that keeps the doctor away.

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