picaresque in a sentence

Example sentences for picaresque

Her characters are quixotic, picaresque heroes of the moral life.
His case is exceptional only for its picaresque twist.
Not many picaresque heroes find things so straightforward.
Its plot is picaresque and fabulous, slightly demented.
While the picture looks edited through a meat grinder, the source must have had something, judging by picaresque bits and pieces.
They usually revolved around a picaresque central character who comes of age at a crucial historic moment.
Often enough the destination didn't matter to a hitcher embarked on a personal picaresque.
Both sides have put forward aggressive arguments, at times tilting to the picaresque.
It is at once a comprehensive military and diplomatic account, and a vast picaresque.
Hence the book's picaresque quality-it is a string of anecdotes-and also, at times, a certain patness in the comedy.
But even as a neural picaresque, it wasn't without value.
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