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It entails the administration of radio energetic substances within the human physique to visualize the functions from the organs.
They have the same broad forehead, wide-set eyes and compact physique.
Wood had the quivering intensity and speed of a greyhound himself, and the same lean, long-limbed physique.
Surprisingly, a bulky muscle-builder physique is not needed to excel at this sport.
And it is definitely the only site that mixes celebrity headshots and hairy equations in a unique melding of physique and physics.
It has the squat, powerful physique of a prizefighter.
Her muscular physique led to whispers of steroid use, which she flatly denied.
About one consequence of the evolved running physique there is little doubt.
And a poor physique can test the president's patience.
Tut was in excellent health-well fed and free of any disease that would have affected his physique.
His pork-based physique is pitted against a church of evil occult pigs.
He possesses the approximate physique of a stick figure.
He loved the culinary arts, and his physique showed it.
MY physique is not what it used to be, and it never was anything to boast about.
Swimmers and the athletes of track and field are inherently more reliant on their physique than any ball-player.
If he were mobile, he'd have the physique of a football player.
They have acute intelligence, alien physique and a wondrous array of superpowers.
Some people might think that extreme thinness is part of being healthy, while others might prefer a more robust physique.
It is opposed to the incoming of persons of such poor physique that they cannot support themselves by a good day's work.
After years of close attention to his physique, he is suddenly fat.
His lean physique, close-cropped hair, and stick-out ears can give the impression of a slightly pushy undergraduate.
We expect our college health departments to direct each student into that form of sport which is suited to his physique and power.
The good news is, researchers are uncovering more and more ways to get that dream physique sans effort.
My physique, of course, which in a unitard looked rather first-trimester pregnant.
He has everything it takes: looks, physique, patience.
Days of endless standing and walking can take a toll on even the fittest physique.
Everyone is searching, reviewing, and studying the best effect ways to improve their physique and overall general health.
Particles are re-trapped in zones of this secondary device that are specific to the internal physique of the particles.

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