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You should also learn something of the laws of physics and physiology involved.
The two-hour program provides an introduction to shark physiology and conservation.
Candidates with a background in comparative animal physiology and experience in neurobiology are preferred.
He not only loves to work out, but he loves to study the physiology of it.
To answer this question, we need to investigate the physiology of taste.
When you find it, everyone's physiology in the room changes.
These are the consequences of physiology and physics.
Mental health is about physiology but not simply the brain.
Their physiology, biochemistry, and psychology is set up to avoid violence.
Studies show that the Florida manatee has unusual physiology, sensory abilities and brain organization.
The moisture essential to vitality according to the old physiology.
It's one clue that they may have evolved an advanced, warm-blooded physiology similar to birds and mammals.
The findings may provide new insights into dinosaur evolution, physiology, and biochemistry.
Physiology and evolutionary theory alike offer explanations for this tendency.
Whether extinct dinosaurs had the same physiology as living mammals and birds remains uncertain.
As research continually showed close ties with birds, questions regarding the physiology of dinosaurs were reinvestigated.
Scientists' understanding of the physiology of chimps is still limited.
But altering oceanic pH is also likely to have a direct impact on their physiology.
Krogh's approach has been a guiding principle for comparative physiology ever since.
Not if your dog has a normal physiology and eats good quality food.
So much of the debate rests upon sauropod physiology that without a living animal to study the arguments will continue.
We now know that emotion, trauma does in fact alter the structure, physiology of the brain.
Another factor that can influence an agent's behaviour is its physiology.
One hint at an explanation for these counterintuitive effects comes from the physiology of starvation.
Every individual physiology and how the body will react are areas that will determine the basic health of an individual sheriff.
We should be learning more about the interconnection of spirit with the physiology of self.
Researchers link these proteins to changes in humans' cognitive development, physiology and metabolism.
Two mentors-the director of the extended-degree program and a physiology instructor-took him in.
She was immersing herself in the rapidly evolving sciences of stress physiology and neuroendocrinology.
Her past work experience includes teaching pre-nursing students beginning biology, human anatomy and physiology.
You're no longer aware of what's going on around you, but you're still breathing, and your physiology is stable.
But it is a lesson in some prodigious feats of physiology.
Some researchers remain skeptical of the vaccine approach because it doesn't treat the underlying physiology of addiction.
His model reveals that these ancient reptiles would have needed more energy than a cold-blooded physiology could supply.
But researchers have known for decades that human pheromonal effects extend beyond vibes and preferences to basic physiology.
Our minds clearly have some effect on our physiology.
Their physiology changed too: they became less sensitive to stress and more sensitive to social cues.
For what it's worth, the negative-pressure theory of water transport is enshrined in plant physiology textbooks.
It's a feedback loop in which behavior and physiology continually reinforce one another.
In the last decade the work has moved from the physiology and pedigrees of diabetes into molecular biology.
Shoe designers finely tune each category of shoe to its particular activity by studying human motion and physiology.
Comparisons and similarities between swine and human anatomy and physiology are also reviewed.

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