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He's been checked out by vets and nothing physiologic is wrong with him.
The researchers did not speculate as to the physiologic mechanism by which the exercise program was helpful.
Chronic stress may also affect the physiologic systems that regulate weight by increasing cortisol levels.
First, during fever, all the body's functions are occurring amidst increased physiologic stress.
Sneezing is a physiologic response to the irritation of the respiratory epithelium lining of the nose.
There are the physiologic complications, such as renal dysfunction.
Or suppose he has a physiologic brain disorder which makes him mistakenly think he is squirting a water gun.
Physiologic data collection measured the side effects and interrogational efficacy of arduous treatment, eg, waterboarding.
Researchers are trying to find out as much as possible as to how and where the drug works, on a basic physiologic level.
It is a type of physiologic or exaggerated physiologic jaundice.
In addition, withdrawal from alcohol can produce physiologic symptoms similar to panic attacks.

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