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All physically possible actions and behaviors, all arguments capable of articulation, fall within the parameters of the human.
No part of the student street is physically specialised for any of these activities.
The research revealed that to the less physically fit, approaching sounds are more likely to sound closer than they really are.
The specimen is still privately owned, even if it happens to be physically located in the museum right now.
Sixty years ago, the athletic cognoscenti held that running a four-minute mile was physically impossible.
Others believe a campus must integrate physically with the city in order to stay relevant.
Clearly all flight attendants need to be physically able to do the job.
Erosion control can also be done by physically changing the landscape.
In addition to keeping you physically fit, exercise may protect your brain, according to a new study.
Bulls of all ages appeared remarkably close, physically demonstrating their friendship.
They provide instructions on how to complete the mod for yourself, which involve messing physically with the hardware.
It's easier to recognize when we're holding on to something we've physically outgrown, but software programs can be the same way.
But some people think that will become physically difficult sooner rather than later.
The new study suggests what is physically reasonable.
Or their work and leisure activities might be more physically demanding, which promotes physical fitness.
The device has a physically larger battery with longer life.
Capybaras are physically well adjusted to their watery environs.
Doctors have known for a long time that feeling lonely can make you physically sick, but until now they did not know why.
It is physically impossible for bubble curls to survive the stress of a flying cap.
Of course, multiple versions of the physical world cannot be physically preserved.
Emotionally, for sure, and perhaps physically as well.
He left after seven months, physically broken and having lost his mind.
Physical attraction: do they find the other group physically attractive to them to mate with.
Bonobo's can't physically speak as their vocal cords are different to ours.
Jim may have been physically incapacitated at the time of the emergency.
Some are physically disabled and have trouble getting around.
Worrying about work is preferable to being physically endangered by it.
And way to interconnect them physically and electrically.
The study found that such counselling worked, both mentally and physically.
To be virtuous is to be physically clean and free from the impurity that is sin.
Physically he had survived, but mentally he carried that tortuous ordeal until the day he died.
Owners, architects and engineers must physically visit sites.
All of these activities are spiritual and physically beneficial.
In their personal lives, many people continue to develop long after they stop growing physically.
But he put a hand out, ready to physically stop me from continuing up-road.
As more people are employed in the service sector, they have less physically demanding jobs.
Was told he had been physically attacked while out on bail, but couldn't find any additional facts.
Most drugs do not appear to be physically addictive.
The other nun was found in a motel, shaken but physically unharmed.
Some libraries do not have any librarians physically look over the books that come in.
In an impossible figure, seemingly real objects-or parts of objects-form geometric relations that physically cannot happen.
They don't physically install counter tops because they have the ability to design and they hire people to do manual labor.
They also are slow to develop physically and mentally.
Think about the time you need to prepare to teach and physically move.
His answer: a series of physical plug-ins, soundboards that alter the instrument's sound by changing the instrument physically.
Few politicians anywhere exude optimism more physically.
Infected fish are physically stunted, and their muscles are so weakened that they have trouble swimming or even pumping blood.
But physicists must first learn to physically manipulate atoms in this world before they can put them to work.
But physically peeling back the bandages would destroy the artifact.
He wanted to get in a ship and physically intervene.
Depression affects you physically in many ways and can cause damage and you may not be aware of it.
His doctor found nothing physically wrong with him, except for extremely dilated pupils.
The other is to physically shred the drive, smashing it to smithereens.
Mental strength is uniquely human and the key to controlling animals that are more physically powerful than us.
Really what they mean is that they're emotionally and physically exhausted.
The process can be physically draining because of the physicality involved.
If it were physically possible for anything to go faster, light would be doing it.
They are physically disabled people trying to retrain themselves for a new career.
In an impossible figure, seemingly real objects-or parts of objects-form geometrical relations that physically cannot happen.
It is physically impossible to throw a baseball slower than your arm is moving.
He believes these will cause people to rethink what they can do together without actually getting together physically.
Certainly nothing is unnatural that is not physically impossible.
Physically, they exhibited no indication of their past lives and character.
Persons under the shock of genuine affliction are not only upset mentally but are all unbalanced physically.
At one time he was forced to pause and ask his auditors if it was their intention to make his task physically impossible.
The story used to be told of a prominent clinician that he always examined his patients physically only through the clothes.
To begin with, he was still afraid-not physically afraid any more, but afraid of people and prejudice and misery and monotony.
Once your eyes take over, you no longer have to physically scroll down a page.
Rapid prototyping technology means the huts could even be printed out and physically explored.
One told me that they had become physically addicted to blood loss.
It wouldn't be worth doing as one student, physically.
If you want to be physically healthier, then create more items related to diet and exercise.
The graduates had convened, physically, for the first time for a special graduation ceremony.
My parents were suffering physically due to the stress of years of caring for both of my grandparents.
In addition to age, risk factors for the disease include being overweight and physically inactive.
Physically, they integrate the surface water runoff into organized drainage nets.
Physically, this animal resembles a large, red fox more than its wolf relatives.
The hand was physically a good fit for the body, they found.
Several thousand protestors blocked the tracks along the train's route, and hundreds of them had to be physically removed.
Both sensations arise from a neurological transmission, not from something that physically exists.
Physically, the fossil bones looked strikingly similar to their modern counterparts.
It's not as physically demanding as football, but you're in constant motion and sweating from the workouts.
The hotel has smoking and nonsmoking rooms and can accommodate physically challenged guests.
Not a dominating run blocker because he is not physically overpowering.
It is not recommended for physically-challenged individuals.
Even if they can't physically go to see the books or art, they can still be inspired and learn from them.
Survivors may be physically and mentally stunted, and ravaged by sores.
Our way of living and working was an exacting one and physically tiring, but not unpleasant.
Physically it is a little jewel of a place and the service is irreproachable.
It also does not include those who are unable to work because they are physically or mentally disabled.
But she has a moral duty to keep herself from using language that could physically endanger her fellow citizens.
Still, there is always the fear that a president could be physically incapacitated.
In many ways, it physically resembles muscle more than it does typical fat.
It is entirely possible that a worker who is ill may be present physically, but mentally he or she might as well be home in bed.
Physically, they are much as you might picture them.
And it's a lot easier to open up emotionally, when you've set some boundaries physically, or certainly when you slow the pace.
The path back from that darkness, physically and emotionally, was painful and long.
On top of this, the rate of return to these physically-skilled jobs has declined.
They are physically disparate, psychologically diverse, and politically without organization.
Quite the opposite: growth on both sides of the border has physically bound the countries.
Once he decided to become a writer, he faced the problem of how to keep physically fit.
As one of my professors once explained, doing surgery is no more physically difficult than writing in cursive.
But, of course, he becomes addicted to the drug and begins to fall apart physically.
But this was real life, a room changing in ways that were physically impossible.
Things will happen to her physically that may make her resent her intelligence and thrust it away.
He's in great shape physically, but he doesn't seem happy.
He is tall and thin and physically expressive when he speaks.
He was physically frail, and there's strong evidence that he committed suicide.
It's one thing to entertain an idea, even to feel it physically, quite another to act on it.
Eating that is physically exhausting, but should not be considered a sport.
He seems almost physically to exude an inner tension.
The news that the game is physically damaging is certainly not new to anyone who's been keeping even half an eye open.
Someday there may be a stylus and a way to physically write in the margins.
Physically small and weak, economically dependent upon others, they cannot control their environment.
The escapee must always return, mentally or physically, if not both.
Alternatively, some clots can be physically retrieved through a blood vessel, but few hospitals practice this technique.
It allows anyone who receives a check to make a digital image of it rather than having to deliver it physically.
Yes, however the surface of the metal is physically changed.
So much is unknown about what a human really is, physically.
For the first time ever, an extrasolar planet has been detected due to its physically slinging around its parent star.
One form of epigenetic change physically blocks access to the genes by altering what is called the histone code.
Plenty of contemporary humans are more physically adept in trees than on the ground.
Until recently, long-term memories were thought to be physically etched into our brain, permanent and unchanging.
Material is still falling onto the planet, so it's still physically in the process of forming.
If you get physically close to one, you feel some sort of intimate bond.
Binary stars are stars that physically orbit each other.
They were both physically and culturally unprepared.
He is a true undead, such as he will be actually physically possible to construct, which is debatable.
When diamond is heated to extreme temperatures it physically changes, from diamond to graphite.
For a fairly handsome guy, he's about as physically unappealing as a guy can get.
Genetic variation in a concrete form manifests as sequences along a line, many of them physically connected.
And there is irrefutable evidence that stable, self-sustaining fusion reactions are physically possible.
People think in deeper, more intuitive ways when they express themselves physically.
Things look bigger the closer they are, and if two objects are at the same distance, the physically bigger one will look bigger.
Our experiences can physically rearrange the pattern of those switches and, in the process, change the way our brain cells work.
Older subjects and more physically attractive subjects exhibit weaker same-race preferences.
Gage was returned to health by the ministrations of his doctor and seemed physically recovered.
There is no way to reach out and physically measure this third dimension.
Sure, but then there is a clear way of the observer physically going from one frame to another.
You're physically dependent but might not be aware of it yet.
Also, patients with delirium are more likely to deteriorate physically or mentally and to die.
The link was strongest for those who had been physically abused as kids.
It isn't because they're unregistered or physically unable to get to the polls.
Whatever happened to him physically happened because of what he was doing.
Small and physically immature for his age all the way through high school, he got up every morning early to deliver the newspaper.
The sheer length of the hearings would be physically painful.
There wouldn't physically be enough room in it for both.
It's a book that's occupied a prominent place in this trial, both physically and spiritually.
Shares are pieces of paper physically delivered by the seller to the buyer three days after a transaction.

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