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Not only does she have power and range, but she also has the phrasing and interpretation that few singers bring.
The phrasing of some references to dates has been changed, in brackets, for clarity.
For example slight differences phrasing can locate the origin of people within the same national culture.
It's an odd phrasing, allowing use of the proper geologic term while subtly denying its implications.
They convey it in phrasing that allows some plausible denial, perhaps even to the speaker.
In biology's phrasing, it gets stuck on a local peak.
If a message on a commonly discussed topic includes unusual phrasing, that may signal new information or a fresh insight.
But there was a stilted quality to the word choice and the phrasing.
But few have the unerring naturalness of phrasing that allows them to embody the music rather than interpret it.
Spontaneous in spirit, she often changes tempi and details of phrasing from performance to performance.
In his baritone phrasing, thick, romantic tones rose up from the gutbucket into wide clouds of lyricism.
Minute details of phrasing, dynamics, and timbre join together in an endlessly varied singing line.
Mentions his superbly sculpted legato phrasing, his emotion-charged distinctive timbre, and his smoldering stage presence.
It was all done through phrasing, breathing, placement.
Maybe there's a better way of phrasing that question.
They write wilted clichés and then delete them, replacing them with crisper phrasing.
Your phrasing, with its breezy imprecision, will have had exactly the opposite effect you intended.
The biographer is at one with his subject in all such fine fidelity of phrasing.
The difference is that these references are a kind of phrasing.
As members of liturgical churches know, familiar phrasing can be comforting.
Here this one is perfectly normal phrasing: one is standing in for pillow, so that that and this can be parallel, as adjectives.
He has also come up with new, colorful ways of phrasing a few director terms, none of which are suitable for family publications.
She's got a lovely tone, but not necessarily a lot of technical facility, and she seriously needs to work on her phrasing.
She moves easily up and down the song's expansive melody, and her phrasing shows that she's been working on it.
He was certainly funny and his phrasing was even funnier.
Her raspy voice and laid-back phrasing tell stories from the ages.
Herring sings in a lovely alto with a storyteller's and musicians sense of phrasing that well supports her songs.
Perhaps you explain in more depth the editing process concerning phrasing.
But more often he guts his playing of bebop clichés, changing his phrasing with every measure, exploring tone and texture.
Because of poor phrasing, it might even keep some legal migrants out of state universities.
Several of their contributions are stimulating, despite their fondness for rhetorical questions and tortuous phrasing.
But the phrasing of some of the questions left something to be desired.
Apologies, but this comes across as nonsensical phrasing imitating intelligence, as opposed to the real thing.
The phrasing of the accord seems calibrated to allow both sides to maintain mutually incompatible positions.
In easy to follow phrasing, he scolded legislators for being obstructionists.
Its arrogant of the writer to insult readers with such phrasing.
Clever phrasing of a question can steer an answer as certain as a guided missile.
Look at the phrasing there: he is stating these things have structures that perform biological processes.
Phil, you have such a cool way of phrasing this stuff.
The phrasing the problem of the presence of evil in the world and a general answer to it seems ambiguous.
Especially as the poster acknowledged that the people here may well complain about his phrasing.
Student repeats phrasing from play when asked questions in courtroom out of characterization of role.
She discusses the importance of accurate and fluent reading, as well as phrasing and expression, to comprehension.
Students will demonstrate accuracy, phrasing, and expression while reading grade level text.
However, the majority of phrasing seems appropriate and preserves the syntax of the author.
They speak in a manner that guides the listener to understand important ideas by using proper phrasing, pitch, and modulation.
Consult your attorney for appropriate phrasing if necessary.
What pleasure to hear someone singing with a rich tone, a confident ease and catchy phrasing.

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