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Once you're in the application phrase of your search, the opportunities to harm your candidacy with your own words are boundless.
The system helps them by defining some of the words in the phrase.
Phrase connectors and quotation marks join your search words as a single unit.
But these need not be the only semantic relationships between two nouns joined in a phrase.
Thus the difference between good advice and a great phrase.
The original phrase, “damp squib,” turned into “damp squid” over time.
Today, we are inclined to interpret the phrase"among men" as a somewhat archaic way of referring to all humankind.
Godel did not phrase his result in the language of computers.
Often we think of this phrase as an example of student laziness.
The phrase has been used outside baseball for at least a decade.
That phrase is often used to bolster the restrictive unwritten dress code of upwardly mobile society.
At any given moment, approximately 400 catch phrases are circulating on the web.
There is a common French phrase avoir du poids (to be weight), with which our word avoirdupois has been muddled up.
If you are making a word or phrase stencil, use your computer to print out the word at the exact size you desire.
The phrase is garden-to-table and not the other way around.
As he snatched a card from a customer, a waiter flirtatiously called out that phrase.
And, though he doesn't quite phrase it this way, an obligation to keep cool.
In that one famous phrase, he was admitting that the subjective means more than the objective.
Twenty-five years later, the catch phrase is still used to imply that something or someone is lacking substance.
So this is the last time you'll hear me use that phrase.
If a student says the magic phrase, the puppet should respond.
It would go well beyond the array of handheld phrase-translation machines currently in use.
The cool part is that users can click on any phrase in the transcript of a talk, and jump to that point in the video.
The trademark covers usage of the phrase in relation to retail store services featuring computer software and services.
The premise is that each word or phrase is a seed for users to plant in their gardens.
To borrow a phrase from the financial industry, past performance doesn't guarantee future results.
The joint was packed, and the two inspired each other phrase by phrase.
Her voice is gentle but grainy, and full of emotion-capable of swooping up to end a phrase on a full, strong tone.
He finishes the phrase and freezes, then finishes the next phrase and freezes.
There is a space for a fill or a roll at the end of a musical phrase, but the beat has primacy over the curlicues.
Each phrase must trigger the next in a kind of chain reaction.
More often than not, it turns out, they conclude with the same phrase.
For many people the phrase conjures up images of desperate patients trapped in concrete fortresses.
Giving a new twist to the phrase wishful thinking, scientists have demonstrated that thoughts alone can enable action.
The turns of phrase conjure different emotions, but these two writers were describing the same disorder: depression.
It's recognizing which phrase fits into a particular kind of a sentence structure.
But the phrase hair of the dog was originally related to a far more frightening scenario.
And green chemistry is far from becoming a household phrase.
For years now, they've been a buzz phrase in the chemicals industry.
The phrase is usually criticised by sticklers as redundant.
His skilful turn of phrase instantly draws the scene.
But more than that, the phrase is a wink-wink attempt at distancing oneself from the dirtiness of this town.
Data equity, to coin a phrase, will become as important as brand equity.
When read in order column by column from left to right, these bits will display a self-descriptive phrase.
The form around which much of the early music developed, the blues, was a simple twelve-bar phrase.
The emphasis should instead be placed on the phrase discernment process.
So the only problem with your phrase is that maybe mosquitoes and vermin is redundant.
Unscramble the letters in the first phrase of each anagram below to reveal the name of a famous scientist or inventor.
The phrase refers to modern species that are uncannily similar to extinct ones.
The phrase is removed or reapplied eight times in one hour, leaving a narrow yellow zigzag.
The new paradigm leaves one with awkward and unhelpful turns of phrase.
The key phrase is reproductively isolated: a species is something that doesn't mate with anything but itself.
Whoever wrote the release should have known the media would zero in on that phrase.
Social shopping is a buzz phrase you'll be hearing a lot about soon.
To my surprise, this phrase now turned out to be sensitive and the editor insisted it be changed.
One baseball season is a novel that develops into a chapter that dissolves into a sentence and ends up a phrase.
Some who were troubled by this redefinition referred to those who remained untroubled by a code phrase.

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