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Example sentences for photovoltaics

Other researchers back a newer technology known as thin-film photovoltaics.
Smart grids, feed-in laws and net metering propel rooftop photovoltaics.
That's why you don't use photovoltaics in the first place.
Solar photovoltaics turn sunlight directly into electric current.
Photovoltaics convert sunlight directly into electricity.
Anyone can make one of these and they generate more useable, cheaper, and much easier to produce energy than photovoltaics.
Until the technology has leveled off, you won't find it to be cheap, and there is a ways to go with photovoltaics.
There's no real technological basis for comparing advancements in micro-electronics to those in photovoltaics.
Another idea would be to place photovoltaics on the roof and hoods of your car.
One of the main problems is that all photovoltaics suffer a loss of efficiency at elevated temperatures.
Cheap plastic photovoltaics require polymers made from oil.
How to get photovoltaics on your company's roof without putting them on the books.
Plastic solar cells can't yet compete with conventional silicon photovoltaics for efficiently producing large-scale power.
Such threads could be woven into uniforms and paired with threads that act as fuel cells or photovoltaics.
The technique could also be used to fabricate photonic crystals and organic photovoltaics.
Handy to know because when it comes to making photovoltaics better, every little helps.
Obviously, you have limited experience with photovoltaics and your comments seem to be biased against the technology.
The rest will come from the sun--but not all of it through expensive photovoltaics, which convert sunlight into electricity.
Solar photovoltaics is making huge strides these days as are fuel cells.
Research and development, and information source on photovoltaics.
These systems combine photovoltaics with another kind of power system, such as wind or even fossil fuel.
Photovoltaics and architecture: an introduction for architects and engineers.
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