photojournalism in a sentence

Example sentences for photojournalism

Experience with or knowledge of multimedia and television production, photojournalism and graphic design.
There's also a section for photojournalism, which is a rare and welcome change.
He tried photojournalism but couldn't make a living at it.
Wired photo editors' unfiltered take on cameras, technique, photojournalism and the art of it all in the digital age.
The photojournalism world is knee deep in contest season and it is getting ugly.
Because of the way photojournalism gets portrayed in movies, there are a lot of perceptions out there about news photographers.
If you're a photojournalism student or a photojournalist on the climb, that's great.
From photojournalism to family photos, digital photography is still photography.
Even the definition of photojournalism is still subject to debate.
When the war started, photojournalism did show its power to sway public opinion.
And in this way, the reader has become a part of the history of photojournalism.
Among the millions of photographs taken every day, a select few will rank as great photojournalism.
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