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There's a new photographer in town, only the thing is, she doesn't even know it.
There's inevitably a distance between a photographer and his or her subject.
The photographer uses movie production techniques to create.
Any way to get him working with a photographer or taking pics for the local paper or something.
Any good photographer has a set of filters to use depending on the light.
He had bribed his way out, and then a photographer spotted him.
First is the author's evident talent as a photographer and journalist.
It truly shows how beautiful the work of not only the photographer but also the artist who made the statue.
He was the only photographer on the scene during these moving moments.
The photographer is a shaky-fingered veteran, who averages a good minute to line up each picture.
When he was released, he found work as an itinerant portrait photographer.
Again some one suggests the photographer is waiting and time is short.
If you're not sure that you want to be a photographer, don't major in it.
Well, he was a photographer who wasn't making a living so he ran the river for maybe six years and made these great pictures.
It turns out that the photographer is as fascinating as his body of work.
The empress dowager probably directed the photographer, not the other way around.
Fixing focus issues doesn't add much to a photographer's tool kit.
With so much data at their cursor-tip, the photographer-and the viewer-can change the focus of the shot with a simple click.
As the photographer notes, a guided shot would have a blurry telescope.
Some sources claim that the bomb killed the photographer, but later sources claim that the photographer lived.
Whether that sign has any significance depends on whether the potential photographer is standing on the sign-installer's property.
The people in the background could have been incidental to the photographer's intent.
It's quite easy for an object in the sky to appear to move behind a building if the photographer is moving.
There is, in the photographer's print, something of his subject's spirit.
The reporter and the photographer looked at the cups, looked at each other.
From society photographer to photographer of society.
These agencies require an application from the photographer and a sizable portfolio of pictures.

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