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Example sentences for photogenic

Suddenly, environmental destruction was photogenic again.
Lawyers can orate about injustice and seem quite photogenic.
However an abandoned town is not particularly photogenic.
And of course the finished product doesn't look nearly as photogenic as the illustration in the book.
My calendar is chock-full of fun and photogenic weird sports.
With their enticing displays, reflective surfaces and buy-now exhortations, shop windows can be irresistibly photogenic.
Many of these filmmakers have run up against the dearth of photogenic star dancers who can also sing and act.
It's these sorts of issues that distract us from the actual policies these photogenic straw people bring into law.
Besides being beautiful, she was exceptionally photogenic.
But it's an ideally wholesome clan, and both wilderness and fauna are photogenic and endearing.
It could even have been the inspiration for this flighty and photogenic farce.
Although extremely comfortable and photogenic, this did not feel right.
The top two were glamorously exilic, highly photogenic, eminently stern of artistic purpose.
Add to that the photogenic, elemental backdrop and the whole thing lends itself particularly well to cinematography.
He believed, in a way that few photographers now do, that certain scenes were properly photogenic.
Also, sunsets tend to be redder than sunrises due to more junk in the air during the day, so it's more photogenic.
The photogenic duo were perfectly coiffed on the red carpet and wearing similar colors, to boot.
It is especially photogenic in spring when the flow sometimes envelops footbridges near its base.
Don't forget to bring your camera or video camcorder on this photogenic and interesting excursion.
Contestants will have the opportunity to be judged on beauty and photogenic categories.
Pictures are judged on facial expression, personality, clarity of photo and overall photogenic quality.
The red panda helped by being especially photogenic and was featured prominently in articles placed.
Perhaps the fox is photogenic because of those ears.
The photographer hired her only for her photogenic qualities and her ability to pose.

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