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Example sentences for photo opportunity

Prosecutors on the other hand are desperate for attention and are always looking for the next photo opportunity.
Ziegler was credited with coining the term photo opportunity, now widely used to describe canned political appearances.
Today portrait sculpture is dead, and the photo opportunity reigns.
At his first photo opportunity, they also discovered that he likes dogs.
The moratorium was a photo opportunity and hardly stopped any construction.
It enables me to capture that rare photo opportunity that would be lost to eternity.
Generations of politicians have perfected the photo opportunity.
The event was a run-of-the-mill photo opportunity: a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new road.
Later, he had another extended back-and-forth with a fan whom he'd previously met at a photo opportunity.
The justices typically provide a photo opportunity when there is a change in the court.
Neither leader commented during an opening photo opportunity that lasted less than a minute.

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I am not a jogger. I'm not a photo opportunity kind of person. I am at an age where I have better sense tha... more
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