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The phony ad describes the sort of stuff you'll find in the fake mag.
Along with the diplomas, the company also provided fake transcripts and phony letters of recommendation.
When auditors asked to see the file on a phony insurance policy, the company's employees would simply fake it.
Phony, sleight of hand false equivalency right there.
Phony checks have been the stock in trade of online fraud artists for years.
And it's why he has resorted to posting a couple of phony rebuttals of his own.
One theory holds that émigré groups have launched a phony rebellion in an effort to disguise their weakness.
And the females laid almost the same amount of eggs fertilized by males bearing real or phony gifts.
They also tested three phony blue diamonds-of which none had the telltale red signature.
He was the kind of phony that have to give themselves room when they answer somebody's question.
Some students ask professors to write letters about phony independent studies.
In this age you'll be outed, and shown to be a phony.
Sorry but but little game is over, along with you phony posts under other names.
Every word and image in the book is aimed at disrupting the phony transparency of media.
It seems appropriate that the film's real and phony artworks are casually intermingled.
He would be doing a disservice to the college if he made phony promises to people as they are being hired, also.
The more phony pills lining drug store shelves, the more treatment failures patients suffer.
Conversely, many countries don't have accrediting systems, so a university that's not accredited isn't necessarily phony.
Probably, but the phony debate will last a lot longer, if history is any guide.
All involved in the generation and maintaining of a phony consensus when in truth there is much uncertainty.
Phony interpretations have been used many times to justify bad things done against people, so this is not merely academic.
We are all now at risk of using phony information, and our own work suffers.
After this thing is all over, future historians will be nothing short of ruthless towards this phony prize for phony research.
Enough with phony collegiate due process procedures.
Glaciers aren't melting, and the guy who reported it falsely is as phony as this blog.
She can sniff a corny guy or a phony book quick as a dog smells a rat.
But there is not a perfect relationship between phony profits and high stock prices.
All the ads incorporate enough sly humor to keep the empowerment statement from seeming phony.
They smashed the phony, photographed the pieces and scanned them into a computer, creating a database of fragments.
For hundreds of homeless people, posing as phony hospital patients provided them a clean bed and cash.
The brain's own healing mechanisms, unleashed by the belief that a phony medication is the real thing.
These were the tableaus-some spontaneous, some staged, some a bit of both-of a phony victory.
He concocted phony newsreels and had them distributed to theatres all over the state.
And they have argued that the e-mails he has produced to support it are phony.
But if the news about you gets out, they can come up with some phony excuse.
And, yes, the machine was as phony as a politician's heartfelt concern.
You'd think he'd have slunk off by now to go enjoy it, rather than keep promoting his discredited phony science.
It's authenticity that we're after, not phony adolescence.
They hand it over and then realize that he was a phony.
For a showgirl, there's not a phony bone in her body.
He'd been finishing up budget negotiations and arrived at a number, however phony, where the budget could be declared balanced.
He said that he hated the idea that people at shows would feel pressured to give him a lot of phony baloney.
But there is nothing phony about the subject in this case.
Even the closest of marriages might no longer weather well once the prouder partner discovers that the weaker knows he is a phony.
It's no surprise that charlatans would hawk phony products to profit from the public's fears of catching swine flu.
Chavez vehemently denies it and insists the laptop files are phony.
Beware of con artists and their phony credit card offers.
They peddled the phony securities to clients of their accounting practice and other investors.
If the home's damage is plainly visible, a phony contractor may see it as an opportunity to make fast money.

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